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Benoy is an achitectual and design studio that truly keeps up with the times. In fact, it was shortlisted for a World Architecture Award 2019 in the “Future Projects — Commercial Mixed-Use” category. They earned it for the Ningbo Sino Ocean project in China.

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They call themselves “a global family of design specialists”. Benoy is a powerful creative force. However, behind their master planning, architecture and interiors projects, there is what they call “creative commerciality”. It is this feature that renders this Dubai Architect firm a specialized and deeply appreciated one. Indeed, they create truly unusual plans. They contribute towards landscape and economic improvement.

Though it was born in 1947 as a small architecture firm that designed cowsheds, it has seen an incredible expansion. All thanks to a specific mindset, well-rooted in familiar values and heritage. They export British design.  However, thanks to their diverse and multicultural workforce, they also deliver the best solutions for an international clientele.

Benoy: Best Projects

Their modus operandi is atypical. Indeed, the firm is always  searching for the most innovative methods to enhance an experience and not leaving any details to chance. Besides that, the strong work ethic is what has led Benoy Studio to choose projects that encourage a sustainable viewpoint. They truly do have an amazing understanding of the future.

For these reasons, Benoy has won in the Best Shopping Mall Interior and Exterior Design categories at the Prix Versailles Awards 2019. Besides those, other projects that have been deemed absolutely amazing are the Tianjin Luneng CC Plaza in Tianjin (China), The Chanakya in New Delhi (India), and Prado in Marseille (France).

The project that sums all the characteristics and attitude of their architectural firm is the redesigning and expansion of the Jewel Changi Airport, in Singapore.  It opened in April 2019 and accommodates a vision based on the motto “Airports for people”. In fact, this is a new trend that puts people at the center of the flight experience. It’s about going beyond a static environment and attending to the possible needs and requests from travelers. Similarly, that is the attitude that led Benoy to the top.

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