Patricia Gray: Interior Design in Canada

Patricia Gray: Interior Design in Canada

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Luxury, beauty, and livability: those are the guiding values of interior designer Patricia Gray. This Vancouver-based creative is the head of Patricia Gray Interiors Inc. and has been building her reputation for excellence for the past three decades.

The Erikson

The Erikson © Patricia Gray

So, let’s start with a residential design that sums up everything Patricia Gray is capable of. The Erikson actually won first place at the Northwest Design Awards and you only need to look at the kitchen to realize why. Clearly, this is a room that manages to be both simple and highly creative. Indeed, the simplicity of the chair designs and the airiness of the space are rendered more unique by the choice of floral orange elements. Finally, the luxury chandelier is a beautiful choice. While sophisticated and unique, it’s not garish enough to change the style of the room.

Moreover, we loved the dining area so much that we actually wanted to give you a closer look at the kitchen. Simple, airy and functional, just like all the best kitchens should be. But the balcony is a serious stunner too! Just look at the way the orange details seem brightened by the afternoon light.


Patina © Patricia Gray

Then there’s the Patina, which one the same award in another year. It’s a chic, contemporary apartment design, but this time in neutral tones. Just like in the previous project, the flowers are chosen to add a touch of humanity to the room. Yet, this time, they are white and peaceful rather than orange and bright.

We’d already told you that we were obsessed with her bathrooms, and this one shows you why. Everything about this design is about functionality, but the use of a noble material like marble adds a luxury factor to the room. Finally, we have a stunning bedroom in muted gold. Golden shades aren’t often used for a neutral effect, and we wish we could see more of it.

Hamilton Penthouse

Indeed, speaking of using gold or brassy shades in subtle ways, check out this bedroom! Like many homes of its type, the Hamilton Penhouse has small spaces that need to be decorated with care. On one hand, you can’t go overboard with the clutter. However, you don’t want “minimalist” to turn into “boring” or “deprived”. The bedroom design above manages to straddle that line by adding soft, brassy details to the bed and focusing the design on a few pieces of furniture.

Similarly, the island kitchen makes use of the interior’s small space by creating something totally sophisticated and chic. The bathroom’s unique draw, however, is the use of colorful decor pieces to add a little originality to the room.

Coal Harbour

Lastly, we have the Coal Harbour project. It’s another apartment design, and it actually shares a lot with its predecessor. Again, there’s a use of details such as marble and white flowers to add a bit of energy to the design. While the marble in the bathroom brings luxury materials to a room people often think of as “unglamorous”, the use of the white flowers in a wooden and grey bedroom adds a touch of youth to the sobriety.


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But we also have a living area to look at! Once again, the use of an elaborated chandelier takes nothing away from the simplicity of the room. The simple yet classy dining chairs fit the room perfectly. And who doesn’t want a white sofa in their living room?

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