Penny Morrison is an interior designer well known for her effortless pattern placement and her amazing collection of fabrics. With a 40-year career she is loved for her unique ability to design incredible places, combining design styles, colors and that exude spontaneity and luxury in equal measure.

In 2010, she expanded her business where five years later she has established herself as a leading interior designer, both in the UK and internationally. With a wide variety of projects, Penny Morrison’s company is listed as one of the ‘100 Best Practices in Home and Garden Interior Design’ working with distinctly artisans around the globe including, Italy, Portugal and Colombia.

Penny Morrison’s latest interior design projects:


Penny’s designs are inspired by vibrant cultures around the world and throughout history, taking a unique and contemporary style. With a chic, comfortable and supremely personal update on her British country home, she show us how it’s done.



At the heart of all designs is an evident character of a style described as ‘British’, which will always be associated with the Penny Morrison brand.


With an extreme dedication to supporting craftsmanship and working on residential as well as commercial projects, Penny also encourages more sustainable consumer behaviors because she firstly privilege quality over trends.

Most importantly, this classic projects is a truly timeless in style.

Hampshire Estate, 2014

Penny Morrison, founder and prominent interior designer, has always had a talent for creating balanced spaces through opposite combinations. As a result we have an amazing living room design:

“It’s about creating a space of feeling and a unique personality. There is no right or wrong.”

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