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Pentagram Design is a prominent Qatari company equipped with visionary leadership and a highly experienced management team that provides effective and high-quality solutions.

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Pentagram provides turn-key solutions in the field of design, furniture, and construction in the residential, industrial, hospitality, and entertainment sector. The company services various companies that operate in local and global markets, offering the best of class, contemporary design.

They specialize in full-scope turnkey fit-out and furnishing of VIP villas, luxury hotels, apartments, private and public facilities in Qatar and around the world. The portfolio showcases skills in combining aesthetic and operational requirements, creating harmonious and complete results for the client’s expectations.

Free eBooks

Pentagram Design promotes the development and implementation of cutting-edge human resource services and programs made to inspire, develop and sustain exceptional people with great passion.

They prioritize the healthy working environment of architects, designers, and every employee working for us. The teams of experts and professionals have over 25 years of experience in Interior Design, Architecture, Strategy, and Contracting.

Each employee is skilled in his or her specific domain. They provide continuous training sessions to the teams to keep them updated and ready for challenges that they may encounter.

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