Sabrina Monte-Carlo Famous Interior Designers of Monaco

Sabrina Monte-Carlo: Famous Interior Designers of Monaco

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Few interior design studios represent Monaco better than Sabrina Monte-Carlo. Indeed, their “Mediteranian chic” decor is all about elegance, contemporary lines and vibrant colors. And isn’t that effortless, sunny luxury what Monaco is all about? Get to know these famous interior designers with Insplosion!

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Sabrina Monte-Carlo: Who is Sabrina Monteleone-Oeino?

In 1999, Sabrina Monteleone-Oeino left a successful career in the fashion industry to dedicate herself to her true passion: interior design. Of course, her years as a fashion designer make her particularly knowledgeable about fabrics and attentive to patterns.

But Sabrina’s style is about so much more than that. Indeed, as we previously mentioned, she is an expert at drawing inspiration from her gorgeous mediterranian surroundings. In fact, you will not only see a lot of outdoor projects, but also projects that seem to draw the outdoors into the house.

Bringing the Outdoors Indoors

Sabrina Monte-Carlo Famous Interior Designers of Monaco
Photo © Sabrina Monte-Carlo

The gorgeous Villa Rivera project is a fine example of this technique. Flowers and green details invade this gorgeous sea-side villa. In fact, the designer’s intention was precisely to “bring the magical garden into the home”. This project is a modern white dream, full of luxurious details like chandeliers. Yet, it’s the flowers and the strong art pieces that truly give the project its beautiful, unique energy.


But sometimes the “outdoors” dimension of the projects is literal. Magical Garden gathers some of the firm’s best outdoors creations, and we’re just stunned by them. From outdoors dining areas to blooming gardens, Sabrina truly does bring magic to luxury exteriors.

Sabrina Monte-Carlo Famous Interior Designers of Monaco

Indeed, don’t you just dream of spending a sunny afternoon in one of these?

Beautiful Yatch Interiors

Sabrina Monte-Carlo Famous Interior Designers of Monaco
My Amadea © Sabrina Monte-Carlo

But you wouldn’t really be a Monaco Interior designer if you hadn’t designed a yacht, would you? In fact, Sabrina Monte-Carlo has designed plenty of them. Yet the My Amadea truly stands out. This gorgeous yatch was actually designed for sale, so it’s available to any owner who wants a mid-century stylish experience on the high-seas. And it even comes with its own chess area!


Office Ideas

Not a fan? Then check out My Mischief Refit. Instead of being for sale like the previous one, this yacht was actually designed according to the final owner’s taste. They wanted the client’s personality to shine through every detail of the decoration. Consequently, it follows a much more traditional navy color scheme. And the beautiful flowers are a feature once again!

Sabrina Monte-Carlo Famous Interior Designers of Monaco
My Mischief Refit © Sabrina Monte-Carlo

Besides, in this case, the inside is no less impressive than the outside. While it never loses the touch of modernity, this yacht’s interior is truly luxurious. Indeed, the living room bets on the controversial art to add a touch of personality.


One Studio, Many Styles

Since we’ve shown you all these amazing things, all that’s left is to prove to you how versatile the studio can be. And we can do just that! So, let’s start by introducing you to Revisited Classics.

These two living rooms are a good example of what the studio can do when it comes to Baroque Interior Design. They are both classic and ecletic, incorporating statement colors and unique items into historical buildings with ancient pieces. In fact, this is a very important skill in a place as full of beautiful old buildings as Monaco.

Now, for something completely different! This design for a Gentlemen’s Club is the absolute opposite of what we showed you before. In fact, everything here is absolutely and utterly modern. Even minimalist, to be honest. But it’s the modern luxury of the black dining room that really stuns.

So, did you enjoy getting to know Sabrina Monte-Carlo? Are there other Monaco interior designers who deserve more hype? Then let us know!

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