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Shelley Walker Design: Famous Interior Designers of Monaco

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On the latest installment of our journey through the best interior designers across the world, we’re heading all the way back to Monaco. It’s time to meet Shelley Walker Design! Shelley’s projects merge Côte d’Azur glamour with the excentricity of her clients, creating truly unique interiors that awe any interior design lover. So, what are you waiting for? Come discover Shelley Walker Design!

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BD de Suisse © Shelley Walker

Penthouse BD de Suisse

Kitchen © Shelley Walker

While opting for a very light, feminine color scheme in some rooms, the Penthouse BD de Suisse uses gold amazingly. Who would ever think that a golden kitchen could work? Yet, the combination of the gold-colored wood and stone with the black marble works surprisingly well. It creates a sleek, luminous interior that is truly unique.

But the gold decor doesn’t stop in the kitchen. The bedroom equally capitalizes on the beauty of gold through the wall, which matches the band on the vase. Then you have the mauve walls and the glass lighting, which are also reminiscent of the sunset.

Costa Penthouse

© Shelley Walker

Then you a truly unique, excentric mid-century design. The defining elements here are definitely the jungle prints. Notice the bold pattern on the otherwise old-fashioned armchairs, the seamless merger of wood, neutral tones, and unique elements. Indeed, there’s something almost grandmillenial about this design, don’t you think?

While the entryway capitalizes on the mid-century style once again, the kitchen returns to the animal print motif to add a little bit of a bold touch.


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Finally, we need you to see the lovely, shimmery wonder of Hersilia. We just adore the way the velvet of the chairs matches the shade of the metal furniture and the decor. The wall pattern is also almost reminiscent of scales, calling back to the ones in the silver crocodile on the table. A truly lovely and creative design.

But if the devil is in the details, so is beauty. Indeed, we just adore the silver metal sculpture and the gold door handle. It almost reminds you of Pullcast, doesn’t it?

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