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Singapore Carpentry group is a leading carpentry firm in Singapore. With a combined factory, office, showroom space of more than 50,000 square feet and more than 30 skilled carpenters, you can be sure they are able to meet your needs for quality custom-made carpentry efficiently.

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To further increase productivity whilst keeping the price competitive, Singapore Carpentry is the leading carpentry factory in Singapore to invest in modern technologies as well as robotic machinery to automate the partial fabrication of carpentry at its highest quality.

Besides high-quality carpentry work, the Singapore Carpentry group is one of the leading Singapore renovation contractors. What sets them apart from most Singapore renovation contractors is that aside from providing top-quality interior design tailored made to your budget and aesthetic choices, they can also build bespoke furniture that fits your home perfectly both in dimensions and style.

Office Ideas

They are also one of the best Singapore builders and they turn the finest and most luxurious homes into a reality for you at an affordable cost. Both the exterior and the interior of the home are carefully considered, every style of home design from contemporary to Scandinavian is well-researched, a careful blend of materials from luxury marble to classical wood is picked. All drawers and doors utilized in their projects are from premium German brands or produced in-house by Singapore Carpentry.

Their designers will walk hand-in-hand with you throughout every stage of creating your dream home while simultaneously giving you the best value for your budget as well as understanding your needs and wants.

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