Singapore: Miaja Design Group


Founded in 1995 by Isabelle Miaja, the Interior Design & Architecture firm has grown into a strong outfit headquartered in Singapore. MIAJA’s design ethos is that each and every project should be innovative with its own unique style and personality.

MIAJA’s unique & innovative vision of Interior Design is reflected in our full range of services, specific to each client’s requirements for the project. The team works on projects for leading Hotel Operators, Resorts, Commercial, Residential and F&B clients across the world. Among them follows:


Staircases have come a long way and today, the use of steel and reinforced concrete has made possible the daring curves and fantastic sweeps that can be important features in contemporary design.


The East Coast has a reputation for elegance and sophistication. Homes here tend to be older, so naturally, they have a more traditional look and feel. To match that vibe, patterns are on the formal side – Colours are monochromatic and stripes are classic and chic.


Miami Beach, an interior design style that is cool and sophisticated with a mixture of contemporary glam and a vintage Art Deco feel. It is also about vivacious colors, gorgeous patterns that range from geometric to floral. A style that inspired me to design this new project.


Designing with Art is very complex but what matters in the end, is the creative process to create a unique, personal and energy-filled space.


This project “Humania” is inspired by Modern Minimalism – We are living in unprecedented times that pushed everyone to take refuge home with little or no distraction but the sound of our voice and the murmur of our thoughts.


This exclusive and elegant development is designed such that every apartment enjoys a magnificent lush view of Goodwood Hill. With high ceilings, impeccable decor and equipped with all the facilities and modern conveniences, Goodwood Residence offers discreet luxury, total privacy, and serenity to the esteemed homeowners.


Residential Project in Fiji.


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