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What do Cameron Diaz, Gwen Stefani, and Ben Stiller have in common? You might all know the answer to this, but it’s Kelly Wearstler. With her A-list of residential design, Wearstler is the design diva par excellence, also boasting incredible hospitality projects. But that’s not all, in her repertoire of talents, she has also designed stones, fabrics, tiles and floor coverings. And did you saw Kelly Wearstler lighting? It’s amazing! And her own collection boasts a wide range of products going from furniture to accessories. She’s gone a long way since, so sit and chat with Kelly Wearstler in INSPLOSION and read more about world-known celebrity interior designer.

Eclectic living room


Her style defined as a multi-layered, multi-faceted, experiential, sensory design and approach. Interior designer is in fact not just crude execution. But rather experimentation of colors, materials, lines, and forms. For her, design needs to be provocative and expansive. Her style is both contemporary and vintage, disciplined and expressive, architectural but graphic. A perfect example is Kelly Wearstler wallpapers amazingly mixed with all furniture. Experience more than a vision.

To my thinking there is no place for rigidity in design. A constant evolution is what inspires.

Kelly Wearstler design


After her studies and internships, she headed to L.A. where she later established her own Kelly Wearstler’s studio. And finally hit jackpot with her first commission for the Avalon Hotel in Beverly Hills. Since her incredible success, Kelly Wearstler studio is now made up of a team of the finest designers and architects. Their dedication to creative self-expression and details is what makes her an elite studio, where imagination and discipline coexist in perfect harmony.

Driven by a deep passion for design, the studio does not only specialize in Interior Design and Architecture but covers the fields of Creative Direction and Branding too. An ‘alchemy of design’, as they themselves call it.

Kelly Wearstler interiorKelly Wearstler interior


Her interdisciplinary, international brand is not leading in the world of contemporary design. Kelly Wearstler works in fact with commissions for residential, hospitality, commercial and retail designs and collaborations. Her own portfolio is always full of new projects and it keeps growing!

Luxury Brands

Eclectic living roomEclectic living room


Interior designer is now also the author of four books about design, as well as appearances in important magazines such as Elle Décor, Architectural Digeest, Wallpaper Magazine, Time Magazine, and finally AD Spain Top International Designers. Her flagship gallery and the core of her works display can be found in West Hollywood. It features a magical, exclusive collection of furniture, lighting, textiles and home décor. As well as a curated library of rare and collector’s edition architecture, interior and graphic design books.

One final word on Kelly Wearstler home of the interior design? Eclectic.

Kelly Wearstler living room

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