Artistic, bold, energetic, bright, unique, crazy – so many words to describe this year trend Contemporary Street Style. Movement loved by artists, makers and designers. Today, INSPLOSION want to inspire you on Street Style in Contemporary Interior Design and help to create your dreamy colourful home!



Let’s celebrate our beautiful colour palette with one million different shades and tones! Street style together with contemporary interior design makes the opportunity to mix as many colours as you like! Therefore, feel free to play with one colour in different shades, such as classic, navy, turkish, royal or baby blues, or create the rainbow from your home interior! The energy and positive mood will be guaranteed for every day.


Art is closely related to contemporary street style. Check the pictures below – it looks like the home of the famous artist! You can create the same place by yourself. There are so many beautiful paintings or artistic details to choose from and decorate your home interior. Don’t be afraid to buy something crazy and unexpected and you will love the feeling it gives for the place!


Finally, the most important part of the room – furniture! Forget all the boring sofas, chairs or tables – choose the furniture with the most unique attractive designs and unexpected materials. Contemporary interior design mixed with street style lets to use your imagination as much as possible! Scroll down to see our favourite interior design brand Boca do Lobo and its exclusively designed furniture collection! You will be surprised how much furniture affects the interior!

Monochrome Blue Sideboard

A demonstration of both imagination and strong design skills, the Monochrome console is a remarkable piece that stands out in any room or setting. Perfect for living spaces grounded in contemporary style as they embrace careful craftsmanship, this console expresses a leading edge outlook through its daring curvy shapes and bold colours.


Diamond Amethyst Sideboard

The Diamond Sideboard is a reflection of the furniture jeweler’s expertise and quintessence, undoubtedly deserving its title. Furthermore, this opulent object, full of resources and desire and two carefully sculpted doors that reveal a gold lined interior with a shelf and two drawers. In addition, this piece is inspired by the gothic furniture of the romantic period, with its capacity to take advantage of the power of imagination, prevision and escape, without forgetting its unique character.

Pixel Cabinet

Iconic and unparalleled, the Pixel Cabinet presents a ground-breaking work of pioneering design. Moreover, this piece carries the dedication and art of those who built it, a variety of traditional production techniques to craft an avant-garde furniture piece that is authentic, joyful and a perfect match for the digital age. Also, its playful character captured in shape and colour palette, challenging design and finest craftsmanship.


Check out the new video about Contemporary Street Style by TRENDBOOK!

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