Studio Grzywinski+Pons Designs Eden Locke Hotel in Edinburgh

Studio Grzywinski+Pons Designs Eden Locke Hotel in Edinburgh

Design studio Grzywinski+Pons  recently designed the 72 room hotel Eden Lock in Edinburgh with pastel-coloured walls and plenty of greenery.

Studio Grzywinski+Pons was responsible for renovating the existing structure of the 72 room hotel, Eden Locke,  located in the Scottish Capital of Edinburgh. The existing architecture was a 18th century Georgian Mansion that was beautiful transformed into this 72-room hotel from scratch.

Located in the Unesco Heritage site, Edinburgh’s New Town, the Eden Locke contains a beautiful yet austere collection of Georgian Elevations including terraces and mansions clad in local grey sandstone. According to the designers, the project is a classic example of design, taking advantage of light and creating proportional balance between spaces.

The designers celebrated the existing heritage elements while embellishing the building in their own way and style. The result was an approach that leaned towards a “Sophisticated tropical”. The goal was to create a certain tension between the severe and stony building with a nature-inspired theme.

The verdant interior design features  materials such as wood, cane, wicker and terra cotta to balance out the brass, stone and steel of the space. All of which sits among ample vegetation.

Glazed fanlights and wrought iron are framed by glass, timber and stone vestibules. Vignettes of the space within are shown to the street and the exterior ashlar and interior elevations form a studied composition on the facade.

The different rooms were designed to span both the generous Georgian volume and the 20th century addiction.

Internal stairs encircle a central bathroom and kitchen core while a bespoke wardrobe doubles as a balustrade within rooms where the height changes.

A pallet of warm materials and textures, as well as powdery tones and soft lighting were used throughout the interior design.

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