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Stunning Modern Room: Today´s inspiration article is about a stunning design for your bedroom! We believe that any spot in your home should demonstrate your personality!

This design brings to you an incredible fusion of colors, lines, and an amazing balance between lights and shades!

The combination of suspension, wall, and table lighting pieces is the secret of this bedroom’s stunning lighting!


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5 Best Inspirations To Get A Perfect Living Room Design

Luxurious Modern Bedroom




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Lapiaz Black Headboard

Boca do Lobo

The Lapiaz headboard pushes the boundaries of excellent craftsmanship and modern design. The manual insertion of gold-polished metal into the velvet structure gives this upholstered headboard its organic qualities. Upon request, a platform bed with a variety of mattress kinds can be installed.


Hera  Patina Suspension Lamp

Office Ideas

Hera signifies the emergence of a golden new period full of life and inspiring beauty as the Queen of the Greek Gods, Mother of Natur.

This mythological being is the wonderful idea for this lighting installation. It is distinguished by strong and emotional paths packed with minute details.
The lighting fixture has is  molded to have the appearance and characteristics of a golden branch. This chandelier is  handcrafted from cast brass and has an organic shape and intricate modern elements to provide an adjustable arrangement in a pleasing ensemble.


Coltrane Wall Lamp




The John Coltrane-inspired Coltrane mid-century wall sconce is the ideal piece to create a lovely lighting effect both indoors and outside.

It is This wall light fixture has a more modern appearance thanks to its matte black and gold powder paint finishes. It is designed to be utilized in environments that are more humid, making it the ideal outdoor sconce. Up to two iron tubes can be paired together to make a statement in your contemporary home decor.


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