Famous Brazilian duo Humberto Campana and Fernando Campana have a lot of things in common. As brothers and designers, they are focused on the same vision, a characteristic of their style that made their creations recognizable symbols everywhere. To prove that, INSPLOSION prepared everything you need to know about the Campana Brothers And Sustainable Design Language. 


Brothers’ partnership started in 1983. However, neither of them ever thought of becoming a designer. Thought, the everyday objects, advanced technologies, and colors encourage designers to start their design company Campana Brothers. The major inspiration has always been Brazil, street life, carnivals, and traditions. Unexpected is the keyword that sums up their collections during the years. Moreover, their use of waste materials, such as cardboard, rope, and clothes. As well as, wood scraps, plastic tubes, and aluminum wire, is a direct connection with contemporary Brazilian Life. In 1998 the Campana brothers have been the first Brazilian artists to exhibit their works at the Museum of Modern Art, in New York.


Scraps and waste products come alive with their creative method. A feat that gives a new purpose to something totally worthless. Furthermore, poor materials and different textures interweave together to give shape to innovative and extremely original furniture pieces. Moreover, it’s constant – like for every one of their creations – the reminder to their original birthplace.


Firstly, the Campana Brothers chair – Vermelha (picture below). It’s the perfect example of their artistic conception. Moreover, only a thick colored cord and a metal structure were enough to give birth to a perfectly functioning chair. Secondly, Sushi chair (picture above). It resembles sushi rolls and it deeply connects with the anti-establishment approach the two designer shows.


Finally, one of their last pieces is the Noah series, featuring cast bronze and aluminum animal forms that constitute a retelling of the story of Noah’s Ark and of the origin of all animals. The series has been presented as part of a show called “Hybridism”, the first solo show of the brothers at the London Gallery. Anthropomorphic and botanical shapes mix together, reminders of today social unrest, political environment, and the designers’ own childhood. In summary, it’s an environmental approach that well describes its creative method.

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