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The 5 Designer Desk Lamps You Need in 2021

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With most of us in home-office mode, a desk lamp seems like an increasingly crucial item. Yet, why waste a much-needed purchase on the same old, boring, low-quality products? A 2021 desk lamp has to bring creativity into the room you’ll be spending so much of your time in. But don’t despair! Insplosion is sharing the best options for designer desk lamps.

The Diana Table Lamp – DelightFULL


Let’s start with a pretty classic desk lamp design. Although inspired by the mid-century classics, this practical, dependable table lamp fits both retro, minimalist, and even industrial interiors. Furthermore, it is entirely customizable. The colors and finishes can be personalized according to your particular needs, and the movable, adjustable shade makes it perfect for reading. Indeed, if you want style and practicality, this is the choice.

Beat Table Light Brass – Tom Dixon

Yet another designer desk lamp with a unique but practical design. With its brass finish and articulated arm, this product is both luxurious and functional. However, the selling point here is also the craftsmanship aspect. The brass is actually sculpted by skilled craftsmen from Northern India! And anyway, can you really ever go wrong with a Tom Dixon design?

Carter Desk Lamp – DelightFULL


But are you looking for something very specific? A mid-century lamp, maybe? Since it’s part of a collection inspired by the icon Ron Carter, this amazing desk lamp would fit any jazz-inspired interior. It’s made from brass, steel, and aluminum. Furthermore, it casts a soft light that those with more sensitive eyes would welcome.

Mona Table Lamp – BROKIS Lighting

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But if what you want is Scandinavian and contemporary, then you can’t miss this design by Brokis Lighting! While it’s part of a collection that offers different types and sizes of lamps, we cant’ help thinking that the desk lamp is particularly appropriate. Made of metal and smooth, handblown glass, this practical and modern lamp is an example of the best of Scandinavian product design.


Amy Table Lamp – DelightFULL


Last, but not least, we have Amy. Although we might have wanted to end this list without mentioning DelightFULL again, the creativity and practicality of this design left us no choice. Inspired by the iconic hairstyle of singer Amy Winehouse, this is an example of the rare sort of product design that manages to be both conceptual and practical. It’s not bizarre or gaudy. While it’s an interesting piece, it’s one that will complement rather than overshadow the rest of the decor. We’re fans!

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