The Best Luxury Showrooms In Stockholm

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Best Luxury Showrooms In Stockholm

At Insplosion we want to show you the best of interior design from around the world. Through our Blog, you will always be updated with the best news about trends, interior design tips, and furniture luxury brands. Today we show you 10 of the best showrooms in Stockholm. Keep reading!

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Asplund in central Stockholm offers handpicked and modern furniture and accessories in a stylish design and high quality. The shop sells its own brand Asplund with furniture, carpets, and accessories by Swedish designers. They also salles as selected items from today’s most prestigious international brands and designers.

Luxury Showrooms In Stockholm

Oscar & Clothilde

The inventory reflects cultures from around the world, in keeping with the whimsical back story that is based on the imaginary Oscar & Clothilde traveling the world to collect beautiful items to offer their Stockholm clientele. No two items are the same, so if you’re looking for that personal touch to add to your home, this is the place for you.

The Best Luxury Showrooms


With 11 stores around Sweden all stocking unique products, Design Torget is the place to discover up-and-coming Swedish designers who are working with everything from furniture to serving trays to jewelry. Whether you’re looking for timeless classics that last a lifetime or the perfect gift for your next dinner party, you’ll find what you are looking for here.

Stockholm Best Luxury Showrooms


Nordiska Kompaniet, Stockholm’s flagship when it comes to shopping, is a paradise if you like furniture, interior decoration, and design. Whether you want to improve your living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, or any other part of your home, you’re guaranteed to find what you need in the extensive range. You can botanize and be inspired by both Swedish, Scandinavian, and international design from selected brands in the various stores.

Stockholm Luxury Showrooms


If you are looking for quality furniture at great prices that are delivered fast, you should visit Sweef on Drottninggatan. The name Sweef was initially an abbreviation of Swedish E-Furniture, and the store has an excellent e-commerce store online if you prefer to shop from the comfort of your home.

Stockholm Luxury Showrooms

Nordiska Galleriet

To visit the classic Nordiska Galleriet is like visiting a design museum. Is the ultimate in Stockholm design shops, with an extensive range of high-end interior design from both Sweden and around the globe.

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The Best Showrooms


Carl Malmsten is known as one of Sweden’s most interesting interior designers and furniture makers of all time. This is his own shop, which he started in 1940 and was responsible for until he died in 1972. You’ll find Scandinavian products of very high quality and a craft where the materials are authentic and will sustain for a long time.

Showrooms In Stockholm


Littlephant is a Swedish brand founded by Camilla Lundsten, with a focus on designing products that make you smile. Creativity, attitude, unique patterns, and quirky expressions are some of the things that make this brand one of a kind. Another great thing about Littlephant is that some of the profit goes straight to charity.

The Best Luxury Showrooms In Stockholm


Husband-and-wife team Paul and Carina Jackson have spent more than 30 years combing the market for choice mid-century find like a gleaming Hans J. Wegner rosewood sidebar or a Bruno Mathson webbed leather chair. The resulting treasure trove called Jackson’s is full of vintage furniture and glass and ceramic collectibles from across Scandinavia.

Luxury Showrooms

Ekerö Möbler

A visit to Ekerö Möbler requires you to trip a bit outside the city, but it’s definitely worth it when you arrive at one of Stockholm’s most beautiful surroundings. It offers four floors of hand-picked indoor and outdoor furniture, such as sofas, lounge chairs, grills, and accessories.

Stockholm Best Luxury Showrooms

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