The Finest Living Room Ideas by Fiona Barratt

Fiona Barratt

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Fiona Barratt Interiors was formed in 2006 and it has grown into a successful and vibrant interior design business. The studio works on luxury residential and commercial projects internationally. Its success is born from the dedication and experience of a talented team, who work closely with their clients from concept to completion, delivering an exemplary service.

Today we will take a look into some of the most amazing living rooms designed by Barratt’s Interior design studio.

This living room has high-quality and luxury furniture pieces, creating a comfortable space. The furniture pieces are usually from high-quality and luxury brands. In this room, we fell in love in particular with the open space.

A modern and cozy living room, with a coffee table that catches the eye of anyone who enters this environment. It is definitely a statement piece.

Although it does not include gold or silver tones, which are very common in luxury environments, the choice of tones for this room transforms the space into a luxurious environment.

Now we present you with a waiting room with armchairs, perfect for any space. A stunning design.

For the last one, a living room with neutral tones and stunning luxury furniture pieces.

Editor’s Choice – Empire Center Table

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