The Fusion Between Art and Fashion by Jeremiah Brent

Jeremiah Brent

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Jeremiah Brent Design is a full-service interior design firm with locations in Los Angeles and New York City. Led by Jeremiah Brent, the firm specializes in residential, commercial, and hospitality design. He is known for imbuing interiors with subtle intimacy and texture, without overshadowing the integrity of any residence’s architecture.

In this article, we take a look at some of Jeremiah Brent‘s design projects and his interior design inspiration.


It is important for them to create a residence that could be shared as a family, but also had defining characteristics that addressed their strong sense of style.

Inspired by the look – Bertoia Oval Dining Table

Beverly Hills

“Between Paul’s architecture and the warmth and beauty that Nate and Jeremiah brought to the project, I think we found the recipe for domestic bliss.”

Park Avenue

The approach for this project took into account respect for the past, for being a house with history and memories for the client. However, with an eye to the future, for a more modern design.

NYC Town House

The interior designers open the door to their new home in New York City, after 2 years of living in Los Angeles.

Hancock Park Estate

The team had one job: to make the house less heavy and ornate, and more appropriate for a modern family, something friendly and warm. The result was everything the clients asked for.

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