The impact of decor

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The impact of decor

In interior design, there are several variables which rule the final design will look like. A room may need color, even texture but what really makes the difference sometimes is the decor.

By definition, Interior design is the creation of functional yet beautiful spaces which will suit an individual the best. Decoration is connected since it focuses on furnishing and adorning spaces. Depending on the diversity of interior design styles, the decor is variable.

When a certain space and style are chosen, it’s much easier to adjust the decor and this adjustment will be done according to the needs of the design itself.

But how can decor depend on the needs of a design? Let’s find out.

Certain spaces are designed to be extremely simple, other to be extremely opulent. A design depends on what an individual desires of it and on the functionality expected.

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A space made for luxury and exuberance, will an intense interior design style, where every item will evoke elegance. Those spaces can be usually achieved by having several pieces of the furniture matched with bright colors and big contrasts. White is bright itself. Gold shines through any room. Black is dark but always glamorous and luxurious. And so on.

These bedrooms and living room are perfect inspirations of decor.

With white inspired rooms, the decor is very much in accordance, mostly in metallic shades such as gold, silver and coopper, but also works well in shades of black and grey. The white is already a bright color which evokes a simple and quiet room, so having furniture and accessories with such shiny colours, makes the room more elegant and even luxurious. This exuberant decor is mostly included through elaborated lighting designs, through casegoods (consoles, tables, nightstands) and, even contours and details upholstery and bedroom settings.

With dark ambiences, the decor is mostly in gold, as if to enlighten the room. Depending on the level of darkness of the room, the gold will be less or more present, having impact accordingly with the quantity of decor used.

Also, decor can be present in a design through several items. Most of the decor appears included in a design through lighting solutions (either small wall lamps, either big chandeliers), mirrors, small sized furniture (nightstands, center or side tables, screens) and specific home accessories (such as homeware or kitchenware ).


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