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The Perfect Living Room: This living room has everything we believe that a luxury space should have! The amazing combination of the furniture pieces and the colors is just stunning! The black and white details give the space an incredible and unique style. The center table goes perfectly with the long sofa, which gives a better notion of depth to this living room! We can’t forget the amazing chandelier, and, at the same time, the good natural lighting!


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5 Best Inspirations To Get A Perfect Living Room Design


Amazing Living Room



This living room layout is just gorgeous! All of the little details had us completely smitten.


Build a Living Room Like This One


Boca do Lobo


Imperfectio Modern sofas are an expression of imperfect aesthetics and the allure of real, more true-to-life art. An accent sofa that celebrates handcrafted items as the highest caliber of art that are purposefully flawed. The modern sofa reveals its past through its distinct presence and shapes.

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Boca do Lobo


The massive popularity of the Metamorphosis Series inspired the development of another original design, the Metamorphosis Center Table. The painstaking artistic process behind the Metamorphosis Coffee Table results in new surprising design elements and magnificent finishes, much like the dramatic alteration and abrupt change in the animal’s body composition.






The chandelier form is a response to the Krown light. It involves removing the outdated stereotypes and features from the history of lighting while still preserving its beauty. It has a handcrafted brass construction and a geometric pattern of mixed sculptural colours.


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