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Welcome to the new Miami’s The Surf Club Restaurant by French architect and interior designer Joseph Dirand! The restaurant where you can celebrate decades of leisure time and continental cuisine. Today, INSPLOSION want proudly represent The Surf Club Restaurant by Joseph Dirand and celebrate its beautiful timeless interior.

The Surf Club RestaurantThe Surf Club Restaurant

Inside The Surf Club Restaurant

An oceanfront destination bringing a new era of glamour elevated with chic Italian dining and a world-class spa.

The Surf Club Restaurant Miami opened by renowned Chef Thomas Keller in the newly-revamped Miami Club. Moreover, a place strongly connected to its past of luxury, exaggeration, and parties. By using light woods and cream-coloured travertines he complements the panoramic ocean views. Furthermore, custom-designed lighting reminds of the elegance and decadence of the art deco and 70s era. Inspired by the never-ending fun and hype of the 50s and the 60s, the Surf Club Restaurant celebrates classic Continental cuisine with a modern twist for the contemporary audience.

The Surf Club Restaurant by Joseph DirandJoseph Dirand interiorJoseph Dirand interior

Restaurant chef – Thomas Keller

The fame of Chef Thomas Keller definitely followed him here to Florida, where he opened his first restaurant. For that reason, he once again confirmed talent by setting impressive high standards of fine dining for this design restaurant. He’s famous for being the only American-born chef with multiple three-star ratings, besides is several awards and accolades. You can taste every single one of them in his dishes.

The Surf Club Restaurant by Joseph DirandThe Surf Club Restaurant

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Chef Thomas Keller known as a world leader in the culinary profession. The restaurants and people he inspires are dedicated to setting new restaurant standards in service, cuisine and employment experience. Therefore, valuing genuine collaboration, Chef Keller has successfully assembled an expert staff that shares his philosophy and vision.

The Surf Club Restaurant

The experience

The Restaurant by Joseph Dirand’s charm lies both in its location and the delicate its cuisine. These contribute to make The Restaurant not just a luxury restaurant, but an extraordinary experience. For this reason, this designed restaurant is a celebration to the excitement that is life, and his luxury feeling to for interiors. It can definitely be experienced both in the impressive ambiance, The Surf Club Restaurant menu food, and the guests. Finally, the location in Miami is outstanding!

Joseph Dirand interior

The Surf Club Restaurant

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