The Top 5 Most Beautiful Restaurants in Toronto

Do you want to get to know the most beautiful restaurants in Toronto? You should! In fact, any interior design lover will tell you that the décor of a restaurant is part of the luxury dining experience. Besides, there are plenty of beautiful restaurants to be inspired by in Canada’s largest city. So, get to know them with Insplosion!

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The Most Beautiful Restaurants in Toronto

1. Planta Queen

Photos © Planta Queen

There are actually several Planta restaurants in Toronto, all with their own unique style. But our favorite has to be the Planta Queen. While all Planta restaurants focus on providing a vegan fine-dining experience, the Planta Queen offers an Asian-focused menu. In fact, his choice is reflected in the décor. Reds, greens and golds make up the color scheme of this luxury interior. While the base is clean lines and beautiful wood the clashing patterns add a touch of exotic maximalism. Surely a luxurious dining experience.

Still, not your style? Then check out the Planta Yorkville and marvel at the gorgeous, understated mid-century décor.

Photos © Planta Yorkville

2. Sassafraz

Photos © Sassafraz

Still in the heart of historic Yorkville, you will find the gorgeous Sassafraz. While the basis of this luxury interior is a white color scheme, that doesn’t mean it’s anywhere near boring. In fact, Sassafraz has a truly classic, delicate interior design. Consequently, it is very much mid-century inspired without ever feeling old-fashioned. We are massive fans.

3. Leña Restaurante

Photos © Leña’s

At Leña’s, the experience is all about “food, drinks and space”. They decorated their restaurant in a gorgeous, ecletic mid-century style that invokes the Spanish cusine it serves. Of course, you’ll first notice the gorgeous, art deco column in the center of the room. But there are plenty of details that add to the vintage, sophisticated feel of this gorgeous restaurant. Surely the retro chairs, gold accents and original lighting all add to the perfection of its interior design.

4. Miss Thing’s

The interior design of this gorgeous Hawaian restaurant is a true work of art. One one hand, the furniture is all vintage, mid-century class. Yet, from the pinneaple at the door to the drawings on the wall and the color schemes, everything is a sophisticated version of what we associate with Hawaii. Seriously, how did they manage to make this place both delicate and elegant? Obviously, this is one fine dining experience you truly can’t miss.

5. Oretta

Photo © Oretta

If we had to describe Oretta‘s interior design in one word, we would have to pick “unique”. Sure, there are plenty of mid-century and art deco elements in its decor. But you can’t say that there isn’t something absolutely modern in the details of this stylish interior. Indeed, the bright colors and futuristic design of the benches truly brings some fun into the project. Fancy a pizza?

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