Top 10 Best Interior Designers from Toronto

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Best Interior Designers from Toronto

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Toronto have a unique style composed of the many cultures the city has. A vibrant city, Toronto is a business-minded, conscientious, socially progressive, and pluralistic place. Its identity is strongly engrained in its complex and vast cultural heritage. Today Insplosion brings to you the Top 10 of the Best Interior Designers from Toronto. Keep reading!

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Coe Mudford Interior Design

Coe Mudford Interior Design creates luxurious living spaces with contemporary flair and outstanding quality. Originally founded by Carey Mudford, Erin Coe later joined her as a partner. Being the creators of distinctive interiors with exquisite attention to detail, CMID designs beautiful modern spaces fit for a variety of tastes.

Top 10 Best Interior Designers from Toronto

HOK – Toronto

HOK’s first Canadian office opened in Toronto in 1997. The team gathers some of the best interior designers with the best architects and engineers around the world. 1,600 people collaborate across a network of 24 offices on three continents to deliver solutions that inspire clients and communities. In HOK’s Toronto studio, Caitlin Turner, director of design for interiors, brings her award-winning workplace design solutions to the Toronto design scene and beyond.

Top 10 Interior Designers from Toronto

Jennifer Backstein

Meet Jennifer Backstein, the Creative Director and Principal Designer for Jennifer Backstein Interiors. Is, without a doubt, one of the brightest stars in the contemporary design universe.  The Toronto design firm has excelled for over a decade creating thoughtfully curated stylish bespoke designs.

Interior Designers from Toronto

Harrison Fae Design

Alicia Marchioni is the founder of Harrison Fae Design. Is a design firm that strives to make sure that every space is a perfect balance of bold design, elegant style and timeless sophistication.

Top 10 Best Interior Designers from Toronto

Audax Architecture

Funded in 2007, Audax is a firm with expertise in the luxury real estate market, and a strong focus on high-end residential design. Under the design leadership of founding principal architect Gianpiero Pugliese, each project by Audax is a masterful exploration of the relationship between traditional design principles and the modern aesthetic.

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Best Interior Designers

Michael London Design

As a former Design Director for a renowned Interior Design firm in Toronto, Michael London has made his mark in the interior design community.  Over the past 20 years, their portfolio extends from high-profile multi-unit residential, commercial interiors, or private residences.

Best Interior from Toronto

Mason Studio

Award-winning luxury hospitality, retail, and residential design firm, Mason Studio is renowned for its unique design research approach. One of the assets that make this company so successful is its concern for customer needs.  Stanley Sun and Ashley Rumsey, the founders, and their team understand their customers’ needs to create meaningful and inspiring human experiences through design.

Top 10 Best Interior Designers from Toronto

Spaces by Jacflash

Spaces by Jacflash was founded by Jaclyn Genovese in 2013. Jaclyn’s passion for fashion was the foundation and launchpad into the world of interior design. She chooses furniture and accessories that reflect the tastes and lifestyles of her design clients. to create the perfect project.

Top 10 Best Interior Designers

Palmerston Design Consultants

Founded by Kirsten Marshall in 2003, Palmerston is a boutique interior design business. It’s specializing in warm, inviting interiors that are both chic and timeless. Inspired by their clients, Palmerston’s signature is that there’s more than one look. From modern to traditional, each project results in the best space for their client.

Top Interior Designers

Camden Lane Interiors

Camden Lane Interiors, led by Lucy Morozko, is a Toronto-based boutique firm specializing in high-end residential designs. Through her collaborative approach to design, Lucy creates beautiful interiors with functionality that reflect an everyday lifestyle. She develops stunning interiors with her signature luxurious and contemporary design style.

Top 10 Best Interior Designers from Toronto

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