Top 3 Bedroom Trends this Winter

Winter can be the hardest month to pull through, as the cold and the darkness make our mood drop. But just as the will and power to go out decreases in the wintertime, the time we spend cuddling and warming up at home directly increases. So why not create the perfect nest to spend those cold days in? Here are the top 3 Bedroom trends for this Winter.

With this cozy Winter bedroom trends you can minimise the winter blues. Don’t shy away from an interior revamp, prepping your most private and coziest room for the chillier months with a warming makeover. Winter is in fact high time for velvets, chunky knits and intense berry hues. But the colder months are not all about the cozy cocoon lifestyle and easthetics. Get ready to hibernate with unexpected and daring cooler tones, metallic finishes and wonderful textures, contrasting with the roaring fires and steaming mugs of hot chocolate on the side table.

They that in 2019 staying in is the new going out, so here is our pick of the top 3 Bedroom Trends this Winter to humph up your night-ins!


Refined Industrial

This might come off as the most unexpected winter trend for the bedroom. Cool toned, refined Industrial style for the already cold and dark winter days? Yes, but think about the contrast! Could there ever be anything better than that warm toned fire crackle reflected in a wine glass? Or than that romantic moonlight on a glass lamp?

Glass is a great way to lighten up the dark days and add a curated vibe to your home. From modern, hand-blown glass lampshades to Scandinavian and minimal pieces, the untouched, warm tones are ideal for this time of year. The glass will in fact bounce light and will help lift your mood if you’re feeling the winter blues. The twist to update this much-loved interiors style is making it softer, more refined. The otherwise harsh industrial lines become smoother, and the finishes more defined. The industrial gets a more polished finish. Less brutal architecture, but still strongly true to its identity.

Retro Fusion with a touch of velvet

For this trend we’re seeing statement minimalist lightning, and furniture with decorative Art Deco rounded shapes. The 60s are all the rage right now, so bright colors, round, retro lamps and velvet are back to stay and brighten up your nights! As staying in continues to be the new going out, recreate the feel of a plush members-only club in the comfort of your own bedroom with elegant gin glasses and cocktail trolleys, but give it a touch of flower-power and fringes for a faint aftertaste of 70s.

Eclectic Scandi

Well, when is the Scandinavian style ever not in fashion? This is the most understated of these bedroom trends, but it always creates a big impact. And it’s probably the most popular for this Winter season. Perfect for creating an effortlessly stylish decor.

The Eclectic Scandi is a modern take-on from the ever-popular Scandi look. Layer up different textures to give the look depth, creating an inviting cocoon to hibernate from the darkness. But the new element for this season is the influence of global, more eclectic patterns and colours.

The gentle muted colour palette of the furniture lends a softer edge that contrasts and brightens up the dark winter months –influenced by the Scandinavian way of life. With the popularity of dark pigment paints light woods and soft tonal textures are made to stand out.

So, which of these Bedroom trends will you choose for your home?

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