Top 5 Living Room Inspirations from Top Designers

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Living Room Inspirations

Top 5 Living Room Inspirations from Top Designers

Top Designers are a top reference on Interior Design and Decor, so having inspirations on any room which are designed by any top designer is the best.

Dimore Studio

Dimore Studio Living Room Inspirations

Dimore Studio is an interior design and decor studio lead by two designers, presents beautiful living room inspirations, full of creativity. The use of color and geometric shapes is masterful and so its the way different decor styles are combined.


Tom Ford

Living Room Inspirations

Living Room Inspirations

A renowned designer, Tom Ford designs its every room with a unique touch.

These inspirations represent different styles of interior design. The first is more sober, dark and modern, with a touch of metallic shades, mixed with dark greys and black. The second is the opposite, in neutral and brighter shades, with impactful yet small pops of vibrant colors, which fit well with the design of the space, with much light and panoramic view.


DKor Interiors

Amazing living room inspirations by DKor Interiors on beautiful Miami home designs. The predominance of white, in different materials is clear and so is the way the designer arranges for the white to fit perfectly, with other bright sober tones or with vibrant exotic colors and patterns.

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Francis Sultana

Living Room Inspirations

Living Room Inspirations

Francis Sultana is the go-to interior designer for international collectors, many of whom have major contemporary art and design collections. Loved for his unique ability to merge the residential requirements of domestic space with often large-scale visual art, sculpture, and installation pieces, his living room are amazing.

Metal, brass, velvet and fur, all joined in one amazing living room, with the addition of gorgeous colorful artwok.


Studio Munge

Studio Munge presents some living room inspirations, where soft and neutral color palettes are the main focus, combined with rich materials. These combinations are what ads a luxurious touch to such a room.

The first living room inspiration is the main living room is minimalist in its effect, with soft neutral shades with touches of wood on the floor, and different fabrics on upholstery. There’s one pop of color on the art chosen for the living room and such.


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