Top 5 Luxury Decor Ideas for Bathrooms

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Top 5 Luxury Decor Ideas for Bathrooms

Top 5 Luxury Decor Ideas for Bathrooms

Luxury bathrooms are perfect ambiences to design for a home since they’re one of a home’s indispensable rooms.

Want to master the art of decor for Luxurious Bathroom? Then, follow our inspirational TOP 5 Ideas to decorate your bathroom.

Bathrooms have become a big trend in interior design and decor, so the inspirations for having them styled and decorated has grown immensely. Bathroom designs are meant to be a comfortable place in your home, but it doesn’t mean you can’t be creative in its design. Interior Design for Bathrooms is like just any other, meaning it can be designed depending on the interior design style and decor.

Luxury Interior Design doesn’t only regard the way you design a room but, instead, represents a lifestyle. You can design luxury not by one particular interior design style but many. So, how to design luxury?

To design a luxurious room, pay attention to key elements such as wide spaces, grandiosity, exuberance. To make that happen, just relate the elements to the room itself.


Top  Luxury  Decor Ideas 

Bathroom Luxury inspirations translate into a wide space, with clear and defined appliances such as spacious double showers, bathtubs, separate sinks, that would make the space both grandiose and intimate.

To achieve the look and the feeling it will evoke, the ideas are numerous and distinctive. However, there are those who stand out more. Let’s take a look at them.

In Luxury, for bathrooms particularly, there’s to key elements to pay attention to. The thematics and the materials, since both can achieve luxury individually but work better when combined. For Decor, the theme for the designing luxury bathrooms is key since it defines the level of luxury one would get.


1ST DECOR IDEA: Make your bathroom a luxurious and relaxing space
Bathroom Luxury Decor
Bathroom Luxury Decor

Luxury and space go very well together, so it’s very common for a luxury bathroom to be designed as a personal spa.

A bathroom can be grandiose with all the usual appliances, but to turn it in your own personal spa is spoken luxury. For this kind of design, a jacuzzi, a hot tub with hydromassage, a sauna, either one or all, would be perfect additions. Other appliances such as air conditioning would be a nice touch also.

It’s also an option to include upholstery in a bathroom design to make it luxurious. Linking upholstery to the idea of a relaxing area like a spa, it’s suggested the addition of a sofa or even a chaise lounge, as a sofa chair designed for both relaxation and luxury.

Other small decor details are very much trending in bathroom designs, following relaxing spa themes trends which represent themselves by iconic statues and items of decoration related to relaxation techniques.



2ND DECOR IDEA: Unique touches on appliances
Bathroom Luxury Decor
Bathroom Luxury Decor

Bathroom designs tend to have certain materials that are used more than others, especially luxury bathrooms. Marble is one of the favourites material wise, given its gorgeous smooth surface and rich finish, available in several tones, although the most common are white and black.

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The principle is the same for appliances on sinks and showers, such as the base and taps. A perfect and simple way of making a luxurious impact on a bathroom design is by using sink surfaces and supports, every tap, as decoration items.

The marble is luxurious material itself, so any room gains luxury in having marble walls or floors, sinks or bathtubs. It doesn’t matter if it’s in less or greater amounts, since with its finishes and its boldness, marble turns any room into luxury.

Gold brass is also a key element from luxury decor. It color shade is so strong and vibrant that it offers an impactful luxury decor to a bathroom design. Used in taps for sinks, showers and bathtubs, gold brass is perfect to add that something luxurious and yet not overbearing. For sinks or sink’s base is also a common use of gold brass.


3RD LUXURY DECOR IDEA: Create the perfect intimate spot
Bathroom Luxury Decor
Bathroom Luxury Decor

Most bathroom designs are created accordingly to an open-space design. However, big and spacious bathrooms with linked yet separate areas, are a common trend nowadays.

But how to include an intimate spot in an openspace designed room? Well, most designers just tend to extend a wall and make a connected yet small division, without doors, giving the idea of connection to the rest of the room, yet giving some space to that room.

And what does fit better in an intimate room. That depends on the designer and the client for whom the design its for. Sometimes, you can see a separate zone for toilet and other, for the sinks, bathtub and shower. Others, have a smaller space for showering and bathtub.

Just as a bedroom as a full separate area such as a closet just for clothing organization and dressing, a bathroom can have a room just for relaxation, privacy and comfort.


4RD LUXURY DECOR IDEA: Decorate your bathroom with the most gorgeous and perfect decor items
Bathroom Luxury Decor
Bathroom Luxury Decor

Usually, interior design does very much for bathroom design, so that Decor consists of those unique ultimate touches that evoke luxury.

And the beauty of bathroom decor, apart from the decor’s beauty itself, is that it doesn’t need exaggeration when done with the right decor pieces. Decor for bathrooms designs can range from mirrors, to sinks contours and taps, to the sink’s support base, to upholstery choices for bathrooms, acessories for bathroom utilities and, wall and floors itselves.

On colors choices, the best options, most common for luxurious bathrooms are white background with gold and black decor, black background with gold decor, white with metallic shades of decor and so on. These choices can be further combined with several materials, enriching the decor and the bathroom design itself.

5TH LUXURY DECOR IDEA: Combine the best of dark colours with exuberant and impactful lighting
Bathroom Luxury Decor
Bathroom Luxury Decor

A bathroom usually has lighting designs choices focusing on efficiency and quantity of light it projects. Luxury bathrooms don’t disregard this, yet focus on the beauty adn exuberance of design, believing in lighting as impactful decor.

Big lighting designs such as chandeliers or suspensions are a great choice for Luxury Bathrooms. Other lighting designs such as wall lamps and floor lamps are not much used in luxury bathrooms but also a good choice, if it fits the style and design in the bathroom.

Apart from big, luxurious bathrooms are very creative, if not complexly designed, sometimes. Cretive, out of the box designs go perfectly well in luxurious bathrooms, serving the purpose of providing light and adding that unique touch to a such a private room.

On colors choices, luxurious bathrooms lighting designs tend to be in brass metallic shades, mostly gold but sometimes silver and copper brass. More than that, they tend to be combined with several other materials such as crystal glass and, having distinct finishes.


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