Top 5 Mid-Century Entryways Inspirations

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How to master Mid-Century Entryways

Top 5 Mid-Century Entryways Inspirations

The entryway is the first step in any home design. As so, it should evoke warmth and welcome when entering the house.

But how far can one go into designing gorgeous entryways without specific inspirations. Mid-century design is the perfect inspirational interior design style, to design a beautiful and warm entryway room.

These are some Top Mid-Century Entryways Inspirations!

Mid-Century Design is an interior design style focused on the mid 20th century.  Interior Designs with mid-century inspirations represent some antique looks on home designs.

To understand Mid Century, it’s very important to know how it worked and what are its key features.

The way a design work in mid-century is from the inside to the outside of a home, through sliding doors or picture windows, even skylights and patios. The mid-century design uses the original elements of a home, the floors, the walls, sometimes even the structures.

On decor, there are some things which stand out, such as windows curtains. These are not a must, because mid-century design likes to focus on the outdoors.

About the furniture, its design is unique with creative shapes and structures. Iconic furniture, with refined lines and creative shapes, balance the original materials of the home designs.

The main point in mid-century is that no matter the way a room its designed, the interior design and decor must maintain functionality.


Top 1 Inspiration: Retro Decor

Retro decor is a perfect fit for Mid-Century design. Lighting can work very well as decor.

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Graphic patterns and abstract art can also fit well with Retro Decor.

Mid-Century Entryways


Top 2 Inspiration: Geometric Lines

Geometric lines are a big trend in Mid-century room designs. Either straight lines or curves, iconic

An entryway, being a simple and smaller room, that leads into the house, uses many combinations of geometric lines and bold colors. This allows for such a room to become warmer and inspiring for people to enter a home.


Top 3 Inspiration: Colors Schemes

The main focus in mid-century interior design is the balance. A balance between bright, vibrant colors and neutral tones. A balance between bold yet pastel tones.

The pastel hues for example, such as deep orange, teal, plum or olive green accents.


Top 4 Inspiration: Textures

Mid-century designs have that original look which just goes well with retro decor. And with retro decor, some textures work better than others. Velvet or leather are two of the fabric which textures world very well in mid-century room.

Mid-Century Entryways


Top 5 Inspiration: Metallic shimmers & Materials

Metallic colors are super trendy in mid-century designs. Gold or silver, metal or brass details. These metallic shimmers look very good combined with materials such as wood, marble or others.


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