TOP 5 Trends for Bedrooms

Bedrooms are very personal when it comes to design, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be stylish. That’s why you need these top 5 trends for bedrooms!

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Bedrooms are the most personal room when it comes to home design. In fact, no matter what style a home is designed in, a bedroom must have certain personal touches.

Yet, like with any other room, it’s still a good idea to pay attention to the current trends and styles of interior design and decor.


1. Nature Inspired Elements


So, let’s start showing exampes with this Bedroom ambience by Andrey Avdeenko. This design reflects the beauty of many of nature’s elements. In fact, from wood to rock, nature inspirations play a big role. This is a minimalist bedroom. Yet, it’s also a reflection of each elemental texture, combining wood floors and decor with a full laminated rock inspired wall of dark shades. Then, the rest of the room falls accordingly with the colour scheme of those natural elements.



In contrast, this Bedroom design by Alesya Kasianenko is much clearer and brighter. Using a white stone inspired irregular wall on one side of the room, the rest of the ambience is well combined with wooden floors. Even the wooden base serves as a base for the bed, simultaneously providing an elevated floor ground for the bedroom space. Then, the designer includes several lighting pieces in neutral colours, matching them with the white of the room and the grey on other decor details. Finally, the addition of plants to the room, emphasizes the nature inspiration.

2. Geometric Designs


This Bedroom ambience by Archiplastica comes in a distinctive colour scheme. It tends to browns and taupes, with a contrasting white on some decor pieces and black on others. This room has a clear geometric inspiration on certain shapes. The main one is on the bedroom wall and bedboard. Besides, the wall itselfhas patterns of tiles that create the illusion of 3D cubes. Then there’s the bedboard, with a pattern of squares and rectangles combination. Finally, even the placement of the bed against the wall provides a very creative touch. Furthermore, it creates a contrast.




Bedroom ambience by Eileen Ou is a double inspired room, since it has clear geometrical inspirations but also, a variety of textures. The room a combination of three-panel walls, one white for the main structure, other with an edgier texture in beige laterally, and one above the bed. While the combination is stunning, the one that stands out the most is precisely the one above the bed that attracts attention, given the geometric pattern in wood. The general furniture in the room is geometrically inspired, with straight lined cabinets and nightstands. The colour scheme combines greys and browns with the colour of each material.



Bedroom by Tatyana Ozimuk is a magnificent room with clear geometric inspirations, from the room design itself to the way it decor pieces in it. The main geometric inspiration and attraction is the geometrically patterned wall behind the bed, with different sequences of oblique lines exposed, those lines in black contrasting with the wood wall. The following decor does tend to follow regular geometric shapes such as the cilyndrical nighstands and the ciruclar lamps on on side of the bed.



Bedroom by Riyas Mohammed is quite the innovative design from the creative shapes to the pop of vibrant colour. The room is completely designed with geometric guidelines, designed in a way that every shape in the bedroom somehow fits with the next one. And each shape is irregular, distinguished between blue and white, every time it goes from one to another. In the room, you can see that each block of irregular shape serves a function, such as the blue block above the bed serves as storage in shelves, the white one next to it serves as a base for decorative vases and so on.

The final touches on decor, both on creative shape and colour, is the metallic floor lamp and both of the table lamps on the nightstands.



Bedroom design by Only Studio is the most geometrical design here, with the own room design in cylindrical shape, instead of straight-lined. The shape of the room guides the design of the furniture and its disposition in the room, so you can see a curved ladder on the wall, opposite to the bed and leading to it. On the office space, below the bed, the desk aligns in curve with the wall.



3. Minimal Design Inspirations

Minimalistic Bedrooms Designs bet on a less is more policy, having the less decor and clutter possible. Speaking in terms of space, minimalism can help widen a small room since if you have only the essentials in the room, it’s only natural for it to seem bigger. Also, a room too crowded makes it harder for people to feel comfortable in it.


Bedroom by Marcin Mierzyński that has the look of a minimal and industrial room. Industrial since it has cement inspired wall, a rough surface and metallic finishes in almost every piece of furniture and decor. Minimal since it has the less clutter possible, only the essentials as a bed, nightstands, wall lamps and very carefully bookcase and shelves designed into the wall. All in a grey colour scheme, the room minimality is emphasized.



 Bedroom by Evgeniya Belkina is very much minimalistic, having a brighter look in a white and beige colour scheme. Besides the lateral walls, the main wall behind the bed attracts much attention to its design, which as shelves designed into the wall. From then on, the room is very much minimally yet nature-inspired, given the number of wood elements that it has, such as the bed and the nightstands. Also, the addition of plants reinforces the point.



Bedroom Design by Albert Mizuno is very much minimal. It is surrounded by wall sized windows, providing a clear view of the outside. It’s designed in a grey colour scheme, and has the minimum necessary to the room.


4. Explosion of Colour

Very coloured rooms have become a big trend, nowadays. Not only designers and people tend to go for more creative rooms, but for multicolour ones.


So, do you like this Bedroom design by Anastasiia Sholopova? This one combines geometrical shapes and their clear definition with that of several vibrant colours. Indeed, this use of colour makes the room very modish and lively!



Yet another example of how geometric design can be used, we have this Bedroom by Masquespacio Design. This is another example of how geometric and colourful inspirations can combine. This design studio managed to create a beautiful bedroom with all of these inspirations. You can see it through the multiple patterns, colours and shapes on almost every piece of decor.


5. Soft Luxury


This Bedroom design is truly an inspiration on how to design luxury without exaggeration. The colour scheme is quite diversified, combining the overall grey with a lighter shade of green, and with the brown of the blanket. What enables the design to be luxurious in moderation are the general velvet and fluffy textures on the bedroom settings. The piece that takes luxury a bit more clearly is the Symphony Nightstand by Boca do Lobo.



Stunning Bedroom with an industrial wall, that provides industrial design look. One one hand, the grey colour scheme is a feature of that. But the texture on the headboard elevates the design to something more classic. Finally, the pieces that turn the ambience into a soft luxury one are the Hanna Suspensions.



Then we have the Botti Table Lamp by Delightfull.  This is quite the design, with its Mid-century modern look, inspired by a classic trumpet.  Thus, it comes with a gold plated and glossy black finish, and a Emperador marble base. Furthermore, the Luxxu’s Waterfall Table Lamp  also has a glamorous look that give the illusion of a waterfall. Indeed, notice the several ripped fine tubes of handmade crystal glass.

Either the Mondrian Nightstand by Boca do Lobo, an artistic bedside table with handcrafted handles, or the Miles Table Lamp by Delightfull, as a classic mid-century modern table lamp with a sophisticated atmosphere. Both are gorgeous pieces separately but in combined they are the perfect combo for a luxurious bedroom.



This Bedroom is yet another gorgeous bedroom setting. From the grey colour of the bedroom sets to the marble floors, the room is quite simple. The green and blue patterned well definitely level up the design. Finally, there’s the touch of combining the lamp with the gold of the nightstand. Indeed, Draycott Lamp by Delightfull is a stunning ultimate touch to the room design.

So, are you following any of these trends in your bedroom design? Let us know!

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