Top Interior Designers in Los Angeles

Want to know more about Top Interior Designers in Los Angeles? Can you feel that sunny weather, astonishing beaches and Hollywood mood? That is what is trending exterior, what about interior trends and top creators?

Atelier AM

Atelier AM It was founded in 2002 by Alexandra and Michael Misczynski. Equally fluent in traditional and contemporary design idioms, the firm has crafted a broad range of city and country homes, historic estates, modernist villas, seaside retreats, and glass boxes in the sky.

by atelier AM

Brightness and smooth colors, that is what we can feel about this interior. Their work has been published in Architectural Digest, WSJ: The Wall Street Journal Magazine, Vogue, and Town & Country. Their first book, Interiors: Atelier AM (Rizzoli), was published in 2012. Their second, Interiors: Atelier AM 2 (Rizzoli), is slated for Spring 2019. Feeling convinced that these are experts of the field. Check it out another project, by one of Top Interior Designers in Los Angeles – Atelier AM.

by atelier AM

The husband-and-wife duo met in Manhattan while working on different projects for the same client. After, relocating to Michael’s hometown of Los Angeles, the power couple known as the choice best interior designers for art connoisseurs, founded the preeminent firm Atelier AM. Founders of Atelier AM, keep a notoriously low profile for who works with several celebrity clients like Tom Cruise, and collaborate with consummate modern architects like Richard Meier.


Kathleen Clements

When a popular Hollywood lifestyle magazine named the 25 best interior designers in Los Angeles, Kathleen Clements was pretty much at the top of the list. And that’s how it all began. While Kathleen, who works alongside her son Tommy at Kathleen Clements Design, doesn’t generally discuss her celebrity clientele, her work on the homes of actors Jennifer Aniston and Paul Theroux, as well as the lovely mansion shared by comedienne Ellen DeGeneres and her partner Portia DeRossi, is common knowledge.

by Kathleen Clements

Clements Design are known for their gallery-like spaces filled with judiciously chosen rustic antiques so spare in their lines that they function almost as sculpture, whether in a light-filled Hollywood Hills house, a Pennsylvania farmhouse or a Hamptons compound. The talented duo is stuning with projects as varied as a mid-century modern design like the renovation of a 1930’s Georgian.

by Kathleen Clements

Kathleen’s aesthetic has been described as pruned down and quietly revolutionary, and perhaps it can be traced back to the first truly beautiful space Kathleen says she remembers seeing. “I was in grade school — it was my mother’s living/dining room. Everything was white and spare, and there was a Knoll Saarinen table and Tulip chairs. My mother has always been very groovy!” Kathleen says, adding, “There is something so calming about design in an edited form. Rooms where there is empty space. I admire people who carry on that way. In a perfect world, everyone would dress in Celine and Haider Ackermann and return to their Tadao Ando residence and vacation in Kanaal!”


Michael S Smith

If you have not heard about this creator – you must! The winner of Classical Architecture´s 2018 Arthur Ross for Interior Designer award, known for his ability to blend classic European style and American modernism, serving his loyal clentele and making their wishes to come true. Not to mention that Barack and Michelle Obama chose him to decorate the White House and makeover the Oval Office. His early days included studies at the Otis College of Art and Design and abroad, as well as a partnership with designer John Saladino in New York.

by Michael S Smith


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