good bye minimalism, at least for the next season

According to Las Vegas Market, one of the design trends that will overcome next season is Nourishment. A daring and passionate concept where bold colors and patterns coexist with luxurious textures and aesthetics.

Deep sea blues, lustrous greens and grounded purples, plus matte metals and stone embellishments, combine in 2017’s NOURISHMENT theme. A daring, experimental and enticing approach to sophistication and luxury … one that rejuvenates the mind and body, just like a nutrients-packed elixir.

So let’s forget about Scandinavian design and millennial pink at least for the upcoming winter.

Here’s some inspiration on this home decor trend.

The ethnicity gives life to MALAY – a graceful green velvet armchair with a mystical soul that will fill any living room with energy from nature. Enjoy this comfortable armchair in velvet with legs in matte aged brass , placing it as a centerpiece in your living room set.

Best Interior Design Trends for Winter 2017 - Nourishment

Exuberant green patterns are balanced out by a neutral dark color pallet. Statement furnishings and wall lighting finish up the look.

Best Interior Design Trends for Winter 2017 - Nourishment

A soft grey color pallet is paired with an accent green velvet armchair while a dazzling, gold wall mirror becomes the center of the room.

 Being a matinee idol, Bogarde soon became a giant in the high-rank intellectual cinema. That’s the reason for this inspiring accent armchair. It is finished in leather, a very popular fabric in the 60’s, and the swivel polished brass base conveys an idea of style and playfulness. It can make a great occasional chair for the home or office.

Best Interior Design Trends for Winter 2017 - Nourishment

 A black and white patterned rug serves as a base for a yellow luxury chair, which is paired with an irregular-shaped black and gold sidetable and industrial floor lamp.

Interior Design Trends Nourishment

Patterned marble flooring create an elegant path throughout the interior design while velvet burgundy sofas give a passionate touch. Beige armchairs are placed around mid century tables while a golden lighting suspension falls from the ceiling.

A beautiful contrast between greens whites, greys and blacks is made in a mid century design approach. Plenty of texture inhabits this ambiance including a patterned rug and a velvet armchair. Greenery is placed to provide a comfortable touch.

An ocean-inspired interior design project where marble wall coverings are enhanced by elegant golden wall lamps and a deep see blue velvet chair is accompanied by a passionate sidetable.