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10 Inspirational Dining Room Ideas

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Lately, we have been talking a lot about Dining Room Ideas, discussing the latest trends and inspirations. Today too we want to inspire you, and give you the best tips for re-decoring and re-designing your dining room. Or to inspire you with your next interior design project. We have gathered here the best 10 inspirational Dining Room Ideas. Read more if you’re looking for an interior design revelation!

Dining Room Ideas

10 Inspirational Dining Room Ideas

Wabi Sabi

Let’s start from basic. We have been talking a lot about the biggest of 2019 trends, and it needed to be on top of our best Dining Room Ideas. Wabi Sabi is the trend to follow this year, and here we have the most perfect application of in this dining room project by Sergey Makhno.

Dining Room Ideas

Rustic Modern

Following the trend of rustic and poor led by the Wabi Sabi culture, we advise you go woody. Elegant, easy, sober. For this material, we suggest going extra-modern and edgy, with sharp and squared lines.

Dining Room Ideas

Not minimal but simple

The Rustic Modern can sometimes strike us as the 2019 heir of Scandinavian Minimalism. This is why our third option on this list of Dining Room Ideas is not strictly minimal, but it is simple. Sober. White walls, wood and warm tones, metal and fine lines. Can you imagine something more sophisticated and chic?


Dining Room Ideas

Mid Century and Summery

A cousin of our previous trend, next on our picks of Dining Room Ideas is this mid-century ambence. Soft, fine lines, metal accents and white walls. What’s new? A bit of a rustic vibe with the vintage-looking wooden pieces and the retro, round shapes. And in addition, the stone flooring, typical of southern or Mediterranean countries. Add contrast with peonies or your favourite, seasonal flowers and you will have the most refreshing of ambiences.


Dining Room Ideas

Rugs & Dining Rooms

Rugs are not always the most convenient choice when it comes to dining room ideas. So you will have to make sure to choose the right option with this one. But what better way to spice up and add life and colour to a room than a beautiful, colourful rugs? Check out our favourite collection, at Rug’s Society.

Dining Room Ideas



We believe a caption might not even be needed for these Dining Room Ideas. This project has been decorated by Luxury Design Brand Boca do Lobo and is just stunning. What better way to rebel against this trending minimalism? Here you have the epitome of shabby-chic and decadent luxury. Just add a touch of gold.

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Dining Room Ideas Dining Room Ideas

Modern Sophisticated

Recreate your own, favourite Hotel Dining Room Ideas. Luxurious, elegant and modern… without being trendy. This option is simply timeless. Be inspired by the most elegant Dining Room Ideas by famous French interior designer Joseph Dirand.

Dining Room Ideas


The Contemporary touch

Add a touch of modern lighting and keep it simple, but don’t forget to add some colour to break the schemes! And remember to compliment the soft, modern lighting with a natural one.



Combine two other ideas of this 2020: stone and white colour. Go with white marble for an instant touch of sophisticated and exclusive luxury. Take a look at this statement dining room by Joseph Dirand.

Dining Room Ideas

Black and Grey

Forget strong contrasts for this one. Instead, go for different nuances of the same colour and add a statement lighting piece. Tone it down by keeping the lighting black and matte, like these pieces from DelightFULL. Be inspired by this interior design project in Russia by interior designer Marina Kutuzova.

Dining Room Ideas

Dining Room Ideas


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