10 Living Room Ideas To Blow Your Guest’s Mind Away

10 Living Room Ideas To Blow Your Guest’s Mind Away

If you’re looking for some inspiration on how to design a living room, today’s your lucky day. We selected 10 living room ideas to help you create a comfortable yet elegant space for your friends and family!

If there’s a room your friends and family will spend more time in, is definitely the living room. And we can’t deny the importance of making its interior design the most comfortable and pleasing possible. There’s at least three things you need to make sure they’re on point if you want to follow the 2017’s trends – adequate natural lighting, comfortable furnishings and of course, greenery.

Let me explain. Lighting is an important factor to any person’s well being, and that’s precisely why interior designers opt to use full-height windows to get most advantage of natural light. A pleasant living room design should provide connection to the outdoors and consequently, lots of natural lighting. Yet a great lighting design is definitely something to keep in mind as well.

Comfortable furnishings. Why? There’s no use of a beautiful chair if it will hurt your guest’s backs. Think about aesthetic, but never forget about functionality. I mean what’s a living room for anyway? Choose texture, place rugs through out the space, go for velvet upholstery and leave the minimalism for tables.

Last but not least, greenery. Connection to nature has become one of the biggest home decor trends for 2017, and will keep growing throughout the years.

To help you get inspired today we selected a few living room ideas that we believe will make any guest extremely happy. Take a look below.

Hope you enjoyed these interior design inspirations and manage to create an outstanding experience for your guests, family or even clients.

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