5 Luxurious Dining Rooms by the Best Luxury Brands

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Are you looking for luxury dining room ideas? We understand that adding glamour to your interior design project isn’t as simple as it looks. Indeed, that’s why we have 5 Luxurious Dining Rooms to show you today!

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Top Dining Room Designs by Worldwide Famous Luxury Brands


Luxury Living Heritage Collection presents a beautiful dining room with luxurious features. The marble dining table is a beautiful design piece, combined with the Emerald Chairs, which has a slim silhouette and great design, from its curved straight lines to its contour details such as the metal between the base and the seat and to its green velvet seating mixed with black lacquered legs.


Fendi Casa Dinning Room


A beautiful Dining Room by Fendi Casa, designed in a colour scheme that whites and blacks, with different fabrics and materials. The main attraction in this ambience is the Leonardo Rectangular Dining Table. This table’s structure is made out of wood and metal. In fact, the wood comes with a veneer in ebony Macassar. Finally, there’s a metal base with a gun-metal grey finish.



Bentley Home Dinning Room


Luxury Brands

This Dining Room by Bentley Home, as most of Bentley Home’s projects, is a work of fine craftsmanship. Indeed, it even uses certain materials common in Bentley car interiors.

This particular dining ambience attracts much attention given the table design. It features Bentley Home Bradley Table, a beautiful table designed and built of wood veneered chestnut and burr walnut briar-root.


Versace Home Dining Room  is in a black and white colour scheme. Thus, it’s a refreshing combination in which white is the predominant shade, adding brightness to the room. The room also stands out, between its classic look, with a pop of colour on the dark translucent yellow Versace dining set and chandelier.



Finally, this Koket Dining Room ambience is as luxurious as one can get. The luxury features stand out immediately, from the marble patterned floors to the amazing dining table, with a silhouette fashioned from tailored glass and supported by a solid wooden base, with black lacquer and gold finishes. But the beautiful pieces that elevate the ambience, even more, are the Anastasia Dining Chairs with the bold curves and white velvet look.

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