5 must have pieces from Luxxu Home

If you are here, you are probably thinking of re-doing the dining room. You are therefor looking for inspiration, and that is what we are offering you today! LUXXU Home is a stunning luxury furniture brand that specializes in modern products and handcrafted, quality design. The brand LUXXU started its journey with sophisticated lighting pieces, but has consequently made an addition to its repertoire. LUXXU Home is its most recent project, a stunning collection of interior pieces. Here are our 5 must haves for the Dining Room!


5 must have pieces from Luxxu Home

The Crown Mirror

As the team at LUXXU Home states, this is ‘more than just a simple piece of art’ but ‘a living tribute to the beauty’. By combining the smoked black mirror and gold plated brass, it adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any dining room.

The Darian Black Mirror

Just like its predecessor, this simple yet unique luxury item that captures both the functionality of a mirror and the splendor of an art piece. Decorative, practical and divine. Both the perfect combination and alternative to LUXXU Home’s Crown.

The Beyond Dining Table

This time LUXXU Home combined the best hand worked wood, with touches of brass and the warm and golden tones a polished surface. LUXXU Home’s most perfect center point of any dining setting.

The Charla Dining Chair

A timeless, round design characterizes this chair. A most elegant accessorize for your dining table and dining room, made with luxurious velvets, brass and lacquered wood.

The Spear Console

Fine, elegant lines are what characterizes this exquisite piece of furniture. Just as the name would suggest, the Spear Console presents sharp edges and design, making it one of LUXXU Home’s finest pieces to add to your dining room. It succeeds being important without ever being imposing. Both tough and elegant.

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