8 Top Brands Dining Rooms Designs For You

Wanting to design a gorgeous dining room is normal. Knowing how to design it is much easier with tips. That’s why we want to share the Top Brands Dining Rooms Designs.

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This Living Room design has gorgeous and bold decor. For example, the Explosion Suspension by Luxxu and the Agra Dining Table by Brabbu. Indeed, the creative design of the Explosion Suspension transpires innovation and luxury, in gold plated brass, with crystal glass arms orbiting around a center sphere. The Agra Dining Table is yet another magnificent design that turns this classic design into an imposing one, using the fortitude of the marble material and gold brass details to make a statement on the room.

The colour scheme of greys diversifies through different textures. There’s a lighter shiny grey on the rug, a darker grey on the velvet Oka Dining Chairs by Brabbu and a metallic grey of the art frame on the wall.

White Dining Room Designs That Will Inspire You



Beautiful Dining Room by Antonovich Design. As you see, it is all in white and neutrals colour scheme and with a touch of gold. The gold details on the of the dining table base and on the lighting suspension above are the final touch to an already exquisite dining room.



Brabbu Dining Room in a grey colour scheme, with metallic shimmers and gold decor. They added variety in colour. It goes from a neutral grey to a metallic onethat  makes for an elegant room. Indeed, it shines through a few selected pieces of furniture and accessories. The boldest choice of decor is included through the Koi Dining Table by Brabbu.



Gorgeous Dining Room by Versace Home on Versace Palazzo Dubai. The traces of the brilliant work of the famous Fashion / Home Design House are clear in every detail of the room. It has the beautifully patterned marble floors in golden yellow and white. The delicate and patterns in white, gold and soft pink details on the dining chairs padding are also present. Then there’s golden and white colour scheme on the dinnerware, is yet another gorgeous feature constant for Versace. However, the ultimate touch is the classic chandelier in amber colour.

Dark & Gold Dining Room Designs



Stunning Living Room design with bold statements on any material or colour choices. Somehow, the gold brass wall fits perfectly with the white marble floors. The decor consists of a marble dining table with metallic silver details, a white-grey soft fur patterned rug, and metallic dining chairs.



A stunning Dining Room design by Fendi Casa, in darker shades. The colour scheme between greys, blacks and golden yellow, works well with the furniture and decor. The Galileo Dining Table by Fendi Casa also is the ultimate touch on the dining room. Truly, this is an imposing piece of furniture that sets the mood for the room design.



A gorgeous Dining Room with white marble inspirations, as seen by the marble wall and table. Firstly, there’s Dalyan Dining Chair by Brabbu, upholstered in synthetic leather. This dining chair has a shiny look that complements the look of serene strength exuded by the marble. Then the Empire Snooker by Luxxu adds that luxurious touch that elevates the room design.


Yet another Dining Room, this one with a colour scheme full of variety. From lighter tones to small pops of colour, to dark shades. Also, there’s a diversity of textures and patterns that lightens up the room, making it much more creative! And it doesn’t even take anything from its classic look. The imposing Fortuna Dining Table by Boca do Lobo is the ultimate touch that adds the imposing feeling to the room design.

So, do you feel inspired now that you’ve gotten seen these  Top Brands Dining Rooms Designs?

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