Everybody who grew up in the 80’s could tell you that it feels like a different century, not just a different decade. One of the biggest differences between today and that time is aesthetic interior inside homes. Today, INSPLOSION wants to celebrate those times and collect everything you need to know about 80’S DESIGN: TREND FOR AGES!


80’s design timeless trend and one of the most important trends in the interior design world! Moreover, a lot of designers create their furniture or interiors inspired by the modern 80’s design trend. Furthermore, when we try to imagine 80’s interior design first things which come to our heads: big, bold prints and loud colors in the most amazing bespoke pieces and embellished places. First of all, let’s talk about this beautiful trend pallete.




Pastel tones were the main key to this interior style. But as the decade progressed, these shades deepened into richer levels, such as teal, deep coral, black and white, neons. The beautiful mix between these colors made 80’s design one of the most colorful styles in decades we’ve ever seen.

We choose the best 80’s design trends of all time. Read more and we sure you will love it!


A warm golden BRASS combined with retro charm – is there anything that could fit better in your interior? You can mix it with a lot of different materials to create your favorite home interiors: marble, wood, velvet or colorful furniture pieces. Brass will always put more drama and luxurious smells to your places.

Brass is much more understated and luxurious than it used to be. Instead of appearing common, it is an element of the overall design of a room that shows just a hint of luxury,- said designer Lee Robinson.


As we mentioned before, without the pastel tones 80’s design is not even possible! Soft pastels we huge in this design style and they are popular until these days. Pastel aesthetic and shades are the perfect choice if you want to put more soft and pleasant ambiance in your home interiors.

Memphis design

Colorful, kitschy and extravagant – perfect trio to describe Memphis design style. As many bright colors as possible in one place, also add unique furniture pieces and geometric patterns and you will have a wonderful Memphis style in your interior. It’s no wonder that these bold colors and quirky patterns interior style came back to these days too. Especially, in Instagram pictures #memhisstyle.


The pop-art starts in the 1950s. However, because of this style’s popularity, vibrant, unique and colorful look this style came back to 80’s too. Furthermore, Pop-art style is famous these days too and is widely used in contemporary interiors. It’s an amazing feature possibility to make any place highlight!


Jungle, tropical print was a huge trend in the 80’s design. Moreover, nature-inspired, greeny patterns are coming back now! therefore, so use your imagination and put some botanical mood in your home ambiance. It could be anything leaves, flowers, plants – mix it with the beautiful furniture together and you will feel the power of nature!

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