A Beautiful Living  Room With Amazing Details

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A Beautiful Living  Room With Amazing Details: This stunning living room design was made by Spara Design Studio and has tons of details, even using a very clear cream color palette.

This fantastic work provides a lot of space. The balance between the design lines and colors is just amazing!

This is what a luxury living room should look like!


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5 Best Inspirations To Get A Perfect Living Room Design


A Beautiful Living  Room With Amazing Details


The sofas, the armachairs, and the center tables are just in tune with the whole space! The suspension lamp in the center helps to give this design a luxurious look!

Here are some suggestions to build a living room like this one!


Boca do Lobo


Luxury Brands

The modern sofa reveals its past through its distinct presence and shapes. The manual hammered brass’s inconsistencies and faults reveal the beauty of imperfection. Although they appear to be substantially uneven, some areas are smooth and comfy in an odd way that inspires a desire for living room complements. An accent sofa that celebrates handcrafted items as the highest caliber of art that are purposefully flawed.


Abbey Suspension


This magnificent pendant lamp, which was designed with Abbey Lincoln’s mysterious life in mind, will be the ideal lighting option for a dramatic dining area. A unique piece that stands out thanks to its golden finishes and matte black accents. Your contemporary home decor will be given life and a statement by this opulent modern pendant lamp.


Boca do Lobo


The massive popularity of the Metamorphosis Series inspired the development of another original design, the Metamorphosis Center Table. Similar to the abrupt change in the animal’s bodily structure and the dramatic transformation.


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