A Gorgeous Bathroom

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 liierlA Gorgeous Bathroom: Following our mission to bring daily design inspirations, today’s article post is about an outstanding bathroom with stone walls!

Meanwhile, this project demonstrates how even a small corner can be transformed into a beautiful and luxurious bathroom that will impress anyone who enters! Afterward, even with a minimalist style, this bathroom shines  luxury!

Keep reading to know more about this bathroom’s design type!

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A Gorgeous Bathroom



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Get a look at our suggestions and build an outstanding bathroom with stone walls

Tortoise Washbasins

Maison Valentina


Luxury Brands

For generations, the hard outer shell of the tortoise has served as inspiration for many pieces.  Markedly , for this reason of the wonderful patterns and colors that distinguish this product. The black, grey, and golden tones create a stunning item, which contrasts with the golden tap and black legs.

Eden Towel Rack

Maison Valentina

This towel rack portrays a branch of the tree of knowledge and the story of desire’s genesis. Nevertheless, this towel rack is fully constructed of polished casted brass and has a base beautifully carved on the top exposing the heart of a golden tree.

Shield Mirror

Maison Valentina 

The shield is a spherical mirror constructed entirely of mirrored glass, polished brass, and a bar of Nero Marquina marble. Nonetheless, we redesigned the Shield Mirror, the meaning of safety and security, after being inspired by the most ancient and priceless armor, the Shield of Achilles. Lest,  you will have a divine piece to enhance your modern bathroom interior design that is both decorative and functional.

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