A Large Living Room with Impactful Architecture

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A Large Living Room with Impactful Architecture: If you´re a fan of extreme details, today´s inspiration is for you! This interior project was made by M. Serhat Sezgin and shows us a large living room where every space is full of architectural details. A fusion between straight and curving lines . The incredible balance between the colors is not in danger with the golden details of the furniture pieces!

The mix that was made with suspension and floor lamps adds another dimension to this design. This project is an authentic anthem to design art!


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5 Best Inspirations To Get A Perfect Living Room Design



Extreme-Detailed  Living Room



This project has such striking architecture and luxurious interior design!


Now we Defy to Get Inspired

Build a living room like this one


Bourbon Sofa



The first suggestion is this Sofa! The rich cotton velvet, button-tufted inner back, and matte-aged brass base of the Bourbon Sofa capture this grandeur. This velvet sofa completes any elegant setting. The House of Bourbon was a dynasty with French roots that was renowned for its elegance and wealth.



Vertigo Center Table 



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The next suggestion to get you inspired is this amazing Center Table!

The Vertigo center table is a  modern, sleek appearance that exudes sophistication and luxury. The Nero Marquina marble creates the distinctive forms !

The gold-plated brass that provide the focal point of living spaces the aura of your designs.


Prove to be impressive through its conspicuous and elegant lines, this is modern luxury!


Empire Chandelier




Our lighting suggestion for building an amazing living room is this spectacular chandelier!

The majestic architecture of The Empire State Building is the inspiration for The Empire Chandelier.

It is a magnificent chandelier lamp with an extravagant shape that will turn any setting into a beautiful scene. It generates an exclusive atmosphere because of its vivacious personality.



Made of gold-plated brass, the Empire Chandelier becomes a unique object of desire.


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