A Living Room with Luxurious Details: A variety of details, particularly the golden tones, were used to create this lovely art work for the living room. If you want a stunning  visual clutter, neutral colors are always an intriguing option when it comes to color. This home design appears to be both incredibly elegant and incredibly dazzling.


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Essex Armchair






The metamorphosis process is how a caterpillar becomes a butterfly. It served as inspiration for the ESSEX Swivel Chair. This barrel-shaped chair has velvet covering over its seat and a charismatic walnut veneer matte base. Any living room arrangement will benefit from the subtle elegance that velvet chairs can bring.


Fitzgerald Sofa

Essential Home 


The Fitzgerald Sofa is the item of furniture of your dreams. It is enormous and circular, with a cockpit-style backrest. This sculpture, which was influenced by the shapes of Italian architecture, is evidence that, with the correct eye, art and interior design can coexist.

Coltrane Suspension


It is easy to see where the mid-century inspiration comes from, yet having a simple and industrial vibe. The shade is also composed of steel, but it has an exterior that is matte gold and an interior that is painted with gold powder. For more minimalist home interiors as well as for modern hotel décor, a Coltrane Suspension Lamp is a superb mid-century modern lamp.


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