Amanzing Living Room with Gonden Tones

Amanzing Living Room with Gonden Tones: This is the perfect living room with a breathtaking view that you can appreciate from the balcony. The golden tones are present in almost every furniture piece. The incredible balance between the golden tones and the other colors is just stunning! The preference for curvy lines was just the perfect choice!

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Amanzing Living Room with Gonden Tones

For many of you, this could be the perfect living room. Look at how great the Botti Suspension is with the Sherman Sofa!!


Main Products in this Project

Botti Suspension 



Botti’s contemporary chandelier immediately transports us to a Chris Botti concert. As a tribute to jazz music, the American trumpeter served as the inspiration for the mid-century lighting design. This contemporary ceiling light showcases with a handcrafted brass framework and a chic gold-plated finish. DelightFULL is most renowned for its exquisite craftsmanship.


Sherman Sofá

Essential Home 


A tribute to mid-century modern sofas, Sherman features the same premium materials and expert craftsmanship that will undoubtedly make it a best-seller.


Here Some Suggestions

Gallianao Suspension




A mid-century modern light with a shape similar to a pipe organ is the Galliano round chandelier. This contemporary lighting design, with its sculptural features and superb balance, is made even more stunning by the light that is cast via its pipes. It’s possible to customize this suspension lighting piece!


Imperfectio Sofá

Boca do Lobo


The imperfectio modern sofa embodies imperfect style and the lure of real, more true-to-life art. An accent sofa that celebrates handcrafted items as the highest caliber of art that are purposefully flawed.


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