Anouska Hempel: Get To Know This Top Designer

Anouska Hempel

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Anouska Hempel is a renowned and internationally acclaimed British interior designer for her originality and influence. Her designs write a unique story, leaving a bit of her personality in each place.

She is considered a reference in her field: interior designer, exteriors and product designer, architecture, and fashion couture visionary. Mentioned in 2002 Architectural Digest as one of the top 100 interior design in the world, is a notable figure in their midst, giving the project originality of her personal imprint.

Inspired by the look – Ring Filigree Mirror

Inspired by the look – Crochet Nightstand

As a hotelier, she has owned, designed, and managed three award-winning boutique hotels (Blakes London, Blakes Amsterdam, The Hempel). Showcase her signature style and are produced with the highest attention to detail from the guest bedrooms to the imaginative menus. Her philosophy comes from her own lifestyle which is utopian.

For the artist, each project should be seen as a small work of art, as an inheritance that can survive through time.

It is through a classic and mysterious oriental trend, that Anouska Hempel merges the luxury of antiques and contemporary pieces, with a theatrical and cozy composition.

Her British background also influences her style. She uses tones of “lovely, glorious, and strict,” which composes all the elements as if they just come together like that’s supposed to happen.

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