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The man behind Studio Arthur Casas is one of Brazil’s leading architects and a true star of sustainable design. Since its foundation, the firm has made use of innovative techniques and recycled materials to honor its commitment to the environment. Most importantly, Arthur Casas‘s team is seriously talented. Their interiors and constructions are masterpieces of beauty and functionality. Get to know them with Insplosion!

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Kaá Restaurant © Arthur Casas

The Work of Arthur Casas

Casas was born in São Paulo, Brazil, where he majored in Architecture at the Mackenzie Presbyterian University. He actually started drawing houses at 8 years old! Indeed, Casas often remarks that his last name means “houses” in Portuguese and that he never truly considered doing anything else.

Though his first major award came from Museu da Casa Brasileira, in 1989, he has been accumulating distinctions ever since. For example, Best Restaurant at the AIA|LA Restaurant Design Awards and Design Award 2010 from Wallpaper Magazine.

He has also participated in two Biennials of Architecture in São Paulo and in the Biennial of Buenos Aires in 2003, 2005 and 2007.

His firm, Studio Arthur Casas was founded in 1999. Today, they are divided between their São Paulo and New York headquarters.

Kaá Restaurant

Since we’ve already given you a glimpse of the design behind the Best Restaurant award, we couldn’t start this list without it. The Kaá Restaurant actually gets its name from the local indigenous Tupi language word for “grass”. Indeed, grass, leaves, and herbs are just the inspirations for this interior. The aim here is to create a piece of tropical landscape in the middle of urban São Paulo.

“Interior” is also misleading. Indeed, the design makes full use of São Paulo’s warm climate by adding a few outdoor spaces. But don’t fear the tropical rain! There are still a few covered sections that you can relax in in the rainy seasons. Thus, you can still enjoy the beauty of Brazil’s natural landscape.

Md Pacaembu Apartment

Md Pacaembu Apartment © Arthur Casas

Although it’s an apartment interior, nature is just as important in the Md Pacaembu Apartment design. Notice the choice of neutral tones and wooden elements, as well as the full use of São Paulo’s incredible light. The other key feature here is comfort, perhaps with a few mid-century elements. Yet, the little nature-inspired elements like the flowers and the art piece reminiscent of a branch truly complete the room.

In contrast, the rest of the design takes a much more minimalist approach. Notice how there are barely any decor elements in the dining room. The bathroom is equally functional, with very little besides the necessary utilities. However, there are still key Studio Arthur Casas features here. The focus on wood and neutral tones bring nature and balance into a modern apartment.

Four Seasons Private Residences

Four Seasons Private Residences © Arthur Casas

The goal for the 84 Four Seasons Private Residences was to create a place that brought the unique comfort of a home to the luxury hotel experience.  By the look of it, we’ll say they managed it. This is an interior that actually makes grey look warm! The plant and painting designs bring the tropics to the decor, but it’s the large windows and the focus on indirect light that truly brings the beauty of São Paulo into the room.

Indeed, you can see these details in the entryway and dining areas. The nature inspirations repeat themselves in details like the lamp design and the use of several shades of wood, but the focus on comfort and minimalism is even greater.

Tm Apartament

Office Ideas

Finally, we have the Tm Apartament overlooking the Tejo. While the last designs reflected Brazil’s unique beauty, this one reflects Portuguese history and traditions. Notice how the dragon and wooden sculpture call back to Portugal’s colonial past in the East. Besides, the lovely, tile-inspired walls remind you of Boca do Lobo’s heritage collection, don’t they?

The Portuguese influences in the rest of the design are more understated. However, that doesn’t mean that they’re totally absent! The Studio shows its trademark love for natural elements by adding furniture pieces made of granite, common in Portugal, and by adding little dashes of tile blue to the decor.

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