Avroko Studio: Experts in Luxurious Hospitality

Specialists in luxurious hospitality projects, Avroko design studio is the aid you need to design your dream hotel!


Based in California, Avroko design studio is a design and concept design firm that has revolutionized the hospitality industry. Thanks to their unique signature style within the luxury hospitality world, they have become one of the leading design experts in the American and worldwide industry. Pretty impressive, don’t you think? To find out more info just keep scrolling down!


Founded in 2001, Avroko’s main goal is to transform the design concept as we know it, especially in the hospitality industry. Through amazing collaborations on architecture, brands, products, and environments, they’re able to produce amazing settings. Each design project has its own personality and twist, but luxury and over-the-top details are always consistent in their hospitality designs.


From the UK all the way through China, the Avroko design studio is currently working in 14 countries and 25 cities worldwide, which is a massive milestone for this company’s development. Being recognized as one of the most innovative designfirms in the industry, their concept is definitely what stands them out from all the other hospitality-focused companies.


Every hospitality setting presented by Avroko design features bespoke furniture and lighting designs that are absolutely incredible and it’s perfectly established on every corner in every room. They continue to impress every interior design aficionado with their creative mid-century modern design ideas and golden accents.


All image credits belong to AVROKO a design & concept firm

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