2019 VOGUE Interior Trends

Best 2019 VOGUE Interior Trends

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2019 has spoken and interior designers allover the wolrd listen attentively. Designing and decorating can be a headache sometimes, and knowing what’s in vogue at the moment is a particularly tricky step of it all. It’s said that 2018 was the year of cozyness, of the Danish hygge and of Scandinavian minimalism. 2019 on the other hand is going to be all about Wabi Sabi. Functional and less decorative. Full textures and different finishes. The most perfectly imperfect mix of metallics and warm, earthy tones. Hard, stony materials and soft, round shapes. 2019 is going to be more relaxed and less strict. Although a minimal trend per se, Wabi Sabi and this more eclectic minimalism are leaving old, good, black-and-white minimalism behind. Read further to learn more about the best 2019 VOGUE Interior trends.

2019 VOGUE Interior Trends


With Wabi Sabi, 2019 will be the year of natural elements. First on our top 3 picks for the best 2019 VOGUE Interior Trends are in fact natural surfaces such as word and stone. Go sleek with concrete and marble, or more matte with wood. These materials are in fact more worth the splurge, while simultaneously being more elegant and luxurious. And less tacky. Is there any need to over-décorate marbe? Interior Designers’ answer is no. Why? Stone speaks for itself.

2019 VOGUE Interior Trends2019 VOGUE Interior Trends

Concrete and marble have a presence of their own and are usually the protagonist of hotels and the most exclusive hospitality projects. They are and always be timeless. The symbols of a new minimalism that is not actually minimal. They have the power to catch attention all while always being elegant and sophisticated. Transmitting a sence of peace and tranquility.

2019 VOGUE Interior Trends

Another of this 2019 VOGUE Interior Trends are textures. As mentioned before, this year is all about the mixes, contrasts and combinations. Starting from the above mentioned concrete, going over to textiles and ceramics. But will be striking us the most in this field will be metals. Matte or shine, patinated, oxidized, rusted.

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2019 VOGUE Interior Trends2019 VOGUE Interior Trends

Metallics offer the broadest choice in terms of finishes. At the core of this 2019 VOGUE Interior Trends we have seen Bronze. Hardware will be a key player of this 2019 when it comes to interior design and décor. We predict that we’ll be seeing many brands and designers using bronze tones and copper hardwires.

2019 VOGUE Interior Trends

In this wave of earthy, stripped-down minimalism we still see one pastel-pink ray of sun. this is why among this 2019 VOGUE Interior Trends we see a prevalence of softer, rounder lines and shapes, as well as of feminine tones and colors. It’s the yearly contrast to the dominant trends. The tendency to go back to organic, round, comfortable shapes.

2019 VOGUE Interior Trends2019 VOGUE Interior Trends

And pink. This uear the color will come in many nuances and shades. From millennial pink to blush, rose and peach. Adding the perfect touch of innocence and clean modernism to the earthy, soil-looking Wabi Sabi era we have entered. The final and less experimental of our top 3 picks of 2019 VOGUE Interior Trends.


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