Best 3 Living Room Trends according to ELLE Décor

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This new year, ELLE Décor has spoken in terms of what will be in trend this year and what not. We have already made our picks when it comes to Bathrooms and Bedrooms for 2019. And we were on the other hand quite inspired by the the interior trends chosen by ELLE Décor earlier this year. We just thought that we would adapt them to our own way. Aren’t they in fact just perfect for the 2019 Living Room? Here are our Best 3 Living Room trends as seen in ELLE Décor!

living room trends

Best 3 Living Room Trends According to ELLE Décor

For starters, let’s just make a brief introduction to these Living Room trends for 2019! Finally and unsurprisingly, the keyword for this year will be “Maximalism”. Why? Well, probably a natural reaction to the ever-popular Scandinavian Minimalism and design. This year we are in fact saying goodbye to the predominance of neutral colors and simple shapes and material. 2019 is all about bright colors.

living room trends

The 2019 Living Room is graphic, colorful, rich of different patterns and textures. Finally full of drama after many years of peacefulness and simplicity! Having made this preface, here are our top 3 living room trends for this year:


Graphic, eye-catching shapes and bright, acrylic colors! A long-awaited comeback since their peak in the 80s. This time, though, the squared and rectangular Memphis Movement has taken a turn for the 60s. The Memphis meets Valdimir Kagan, with soft, enveloping shapes. The core of your 2019 living room? The round sofa.

living room trendsliving room trends
The round Memphis has a boho-vibe. Curved lines, a vintage touch. Still in accordance to the general maximalist trend of this year, the modern boho brings the layers, the patterned fabrics– just in brighter, more modern shades. Sometimes maybe acrylic. The acrylic is infact the Memphis most perfect partner in crime. It brings structure but does not take up too much space or crowd the eye.

living room trends


Just like Maximalism and the modern boho will keep the floral in trend alsoin this 2019, another top living room trends are warm, rich, feminine colors. Dusty pink, blush, copper to break the minimalism left from the past years’ taupe and neutrals. Also rich, jewel-like tones will make a comeback in 2019.

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living room trends

Bold indigos, emerald greens and ruby reds. The perfect colors to layer up your living room with, to bring it new life and a bit of drama.

living room trends


“Less is more” will be this 2019’s motto. More than last year, more than ever before. The key to the last one of our 2019 living room trends are timeless materials and handmade design pieces. Maybe a bit controversial given the general, maximalist trend of this year, but 2019 seems to be all about contrasts. The secret will be to know how to compromise. How to bring life back to a room without getting rid of what’s left of 2018. It’s about adding, layering, recycling. Not replacing.

living room trends

This is it for our forecast of 2019 Living Room trends as seen in ELLE Décor. Did you find our article useful? What will be your favorite of these living room trends?


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