Best 30 Interior Designers From New York City

Best Interior Designers From New York (Part II)

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Here’s the second part of the Best Interior Designers From New York City! Here are 15 more incredible designers chosen by Insplosion just for you. Stay tuned because we will bring more! Enjoy it!


16. Jayne Design Studio, Inc.

Best Interior Designers From New York (Part II)

Thomas Jayne’s rooms always reflect a strong connection to history and place. He takes inspiration from their past, in order to, look for details that will deepen and liven up his interior decor.

17. Meshberg Group

 Interior Designers From New York City

Meshberg Group was founded in 2006 by Adam Meshberg. Nowadays is one of the top Brooklyn-based design studios. Their goal is to focus “on integrating timeless architectural elements of the past with contemporary materials and methods of the present”.

18. Ovadia Design Group

Best Interior Designers From New York (Part II)

Ovadia Design Group is an award-winning architectural interior design company. For this reason, it is specializing in high-end residential and commercial designs. Their team embodies a trifecta of passionate, highly-creative, and approachable talent with a wealth of experience working for top firms collectively around the nation.


19. Sasha Bikoff

Best 30 Interior Designers From New York City

Sasha Bikoff is known for her balanced understanding of design, flawless execution, and technical know-how sculpted from her vast worldly exploits and experiences. Bikoff’s style is heavily influenced by the multicultural flavors of her hometown, New York City, and from her experiences traveling abroad. In her projects, her remarkable lineup of brands and products breaks design rules and inspires a lavish-yet-eclectic lifestyle.


20. Studio Sofield

Interior Designers From New York City

Studio Sofield is an integrative design firm based in New York. It is dedicated to multiple disciplines, creative client relationships, and productive collaborations with artisans and artists. Sofield’s work is characterized by a holistic approach to design that encompasses the requirements of luxury living.


21. Groves and Co

Best 30 Interior Designers From New York City

With offices in New York, East Hampton, and Los Angeles, this collective is a true reference in contemporary design. Groves and Co take craftsmanship to a new level, by being in close contact with both artisans and engineers, they create not only beautiful but transcendent spaces. That’s why they are one of our design inspirations!

22. Jeffrey Beers International

Best Interior Designers From New York (Part II)

Office Ideas

Jeffrey Beers International creates elegant and modern spaces. He combines precision and emotion, blending ancient techniques and contemporary design. With this in mind, we believe they deserve a spot on our Top Interior Designers New York Edition list!


23. Jonathan Adler

Best 30 Interior Designers From New York City

Potter, artist, author, and interior designer. Jonathan Adler is the embodiment of all the best that contemporary design has to offer. He worked on various projects such as the style of the Parker Palm Springs Hotel. Most recently, he designed thirty-one VIP cabins for DreamWorks Water Park.

24. Rockwell Group

Best 30 Interior Designers From New York City

Founded by David Rockwell, this architecture and design firm specializes in hospitality, culture, healthcare, and education. They recently completed a resident-only luxury leisure club in New York’s Waterline Square.

25. Ryan Korban
Interior Designers From New York City

This NYC-based genius designer not only creates beautiful and engaging spaces. He almost tells a story through them. He combines the best in Contemporary Design with incredible Storytelling. Each creation is unique! With this in mind, we believe he is one of the best interior designers out there!

26. Shamir Shah Design

Best 30 Interior Designers From New York City

Shamir Shah Design unites two very important principles: client centricity and creativity. They take what is someone else’s vision and they give a form. Experience and a true understanding of Interior Design make this company one of the best in New York.

27. Bella Mancini Design

 New York City

This company is one of the Top Residential Interior Design firms based in New York City. They specialize in highly customized and hands-on design, creating modern high-end spaces. Especially, for allying what is contemporary design and old traditions it has everything to be a Top Interior Designer.

28. Vicente Wolf

Best 30 Interior Designers From New York City

Vicente Wolf is a Cuban-born American interior designer based in Manhattan. He designs hotels, private residences, and furniture. Despite rejecting the label of ‘minimalist’, he is known for his high-tech clean spaces. There’s a certain serenity and eclecticism to his spaces.

29. Bradfield & Tobin

Best 30 Interior Designers From New York City

Bradfield & Tobin is a distinguished, high-end interior design company. This company is specialized in creating the most exquisite spaces in the world. They are known for their ability to turn every space into pure refinement and luxury. That is why they are a true Design Inspiration and that is why they are on our Top Interior Designers.

30. Ingrao Inc

Best 30 Interior Designers From New York City

Partners Tony Ingrao and Randy Kemper are the founders of Ingrao Inc. This company established in 1982, is comprised of 36 interior designers and architects. They have redefined the world of modern luxury and contemporary design. Refinement and quality allied, create truly unique spaces. With this in mind, it is natural that they would be part of our Top Designers in New York City.

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