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Rose Tarlow

Rose Tarlow gained reputation for understanding quality in design, in 1976,  when she opened R. Tarlow Antiques in Los Angeles. Since then her work has been more recognized over the decades.

Her own vision about period designs began to emerge in the mid 1980’s with the opening of the Rose Tarlow Melrose House. Every piece shows this unique vision and her reinterpretation of the antique. The outcome is an outstanding piece of art filled with its own personality.

Best Interior Designers - Rose Tarlow

The combination of the antique and the new perspective is created by playing with shapes, materials and finishes.

Best Interior Designers - Rose Tarlow

Rose Tarlow still works with the craftmen that she started working with in the first place in order to keep the exclusive vision that has become synonymous with her name. This means that the pieces at Melrose-House have the contribution of the team but always stay true to Rose’s vision.

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During these thirty years of career, Tarlow has been involved in many unique collaborations such as a longstanding partnership with The University of California Los Angeles. It was at the UCLA Medical Center that she developed the “Rose Tarlow Foundation for Women’s Health”. More recently she joined forces with some close friends to found the Tarlow TEM Foundation for fledgling medical research.

Best Interior Designers - Rose Tarlow

Rose Tarlow states that “There are those who spend lifetimes in houses that have nothing to do with who they really are. They may be perfectly designed, yet if they fail to reflect the personalities of the people who live in them the very essence of intimacy is missing and this absence is disturbingly visible.”.

Best Interior Designers - Rose Tarlow

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