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This wonderful company, B+H Architects, is based locally in amazing Singapore, South Asia. Consists in a team of fantastic multicultural warriors, with more than ten languages. The brand’s studios are present in multiple countries such as Asia, Australia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Myanmar. Despite the distance, the team has the ability to work together to deliver the results we have become accustomed to.

For B+H Architects the best design solutions are not just about buildings and spaces, this company mindset is about the human experience. Everything has a story, and every project begins with a story. Every project tells a magnificent story in scale. Above all, they want that projects speak about the human condition, culture, and tradition. Their approach is to provide design solutions holistically and is based on relationships with the spaces and the human being,  to always create something different.

The company’s sophisticated projects include private healthcare facilities in Malaysia, luxury resorts, and mixed-use retail centers. Their vast experience in different projects always inspires them to anticipate the needs of their clients.

Shangri-​La Toronto

Luxury Hospitality in A Metropolitan Setting

The specialized hospitality design inspires people to see beyond their routine. A remarkable hospitality design that we believe creates unforgettable guest experiences.

The Ritz-​Carlton Hotel Shanghai

Ritz-Carlton located in Pudong, China provides the ultimate luxury for business or recreational travelers as well as for those who are looking for a luxury function space. Perfection reached through the tiniest details.

Marine Drive Residence – Campus As Community

In collaboration with Hotson Bakker Boniface Haden Architects, B+H Architects had the responsibility of designing this stunning student residence located at the University of British Columbia. This residence offers students a variety of amenities, from common spaces to a cafeteria and stores to ensure that they have an all-around inspiring experience while staying there.


 AMS Student Nest – An Inspiring ‘Home’ on Campus

An incredible project that had interaction and engagement as its focal point, where the perception would be a comfortable home away from home, a small city in a small dot that is as cozy as a living room.

To sum up, B+H Architects career is full of great achievements, and all that experience and knowledge reflects itself on his projects.

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