Award-winning, international and independent design agency Blacksheep is the unconventional gem that designer Tim Mutton created as a sum of his past experience and future dreams. His passion for hospitality design and his unique design works – uncensored by any kind of limitations – reveal the mixture of competence and inventiveness that surround his character.

The studio name is a direct reference to a way of approaching life as a “transformational change”, about finding your own path through the celebration of those unique and personal traits that compose every one of us. The awareness of a possible rejection of approval – to engage with the true self – was the basis for the creation of Blacksheep creative agency.

Blacksheep’s purpose is to be modern-day design disrupters that create the new normal. Our mantra is that sheep follow while Blacksheep leads.”

This mindset came from Tim Mutton’s childhood and his difficult relation with schools: he was a real “black sheep” changing places and schools all the time, then finding his vocation as a bartender. Deciding to go back to school (degree in Interior Design at Middlesex University) was the best decision he ever made.

For him, every project, every challenge is a new one to overcome with a different approach. He doesn’t believe in repeating himself but in keeping the conversation always going forward, with fresh input because – as he expressed himself – there are no trends, only ephemeral tendencies.

The studio, launched in 2002, aims to provide a new perspective that Tim Mutton tried to establish through a four D’s processDelve, Dream, Draw and Deliver – that is based on the understanding of the brand first, thus being able to connect with its message: only this way he is able to create experiences that completely adapt themselves to the brand’s philosophy. This conception is absolutely true for the dining experience, heavily influenced by both cuisine and design: every detail and element is linked with the next one to recreate a wonderful experience, of which the designer has been the creator.

Since winning the Wave of Future Award US 2012, the Blacksheep studio embarked in a lot of interesting projects: from Brasserie Blanc and Mökki to Hyundai Cooking Library and Quattro Passi al Pescatore to Fairmont Amman, every Tim Mutton’s project displays a specific design vision that enhances the soul of the location.

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