Casa Muñoz: A Luxurious Interior Studio From Madrid

Casa Muñoz

Casa Muñoz

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Today we will talk about Casa Muñoz, located in Madrid, since 2014 it was founded by Mafalda Muñoz and Gonzalo Machado. They are recognized for their luxurious and exclusive works, from the mixture of art, furniture, and modern inspiration, all their environments are unique and powerful.

Casa Muñoz specializes in residential work, hotels, restoration projects, and furniture design. Their projects give a complete vision of the different disciplines involved in the process from sketch to construction.



A 1930s Rationalist House in Madrid

After a trip to Austria, Rafael Bergamín was inspired by Adolf Loos’s modern architectural statement. He planned “El Viso” in the ’20s and erased any ornament and accessory. This is the start point of this project, take it back to its essence and simplicity.


An Informalist Apartment in Madrid

The aim of this project was to respect the building’s rather posh 1960s architectural soul while inserting the client’s sensibility and the realities of 21st- century family living into the way the space functions.


Inspire By The Look: Imperfectio Sofa



At the Botanical Garden

In this fantastic building from 1965 designed by Cano Lasso overviewing the Botanical Garden of Madrid, the Interior of this apartment turns into a new dimension of open space for an open family.


Inspire By The Look: Empire Side Table

Classicism at Cadogan Square 

A neoclassical approach for a Mediterranean client in the heart of London.

An XVII Century Stone House

A traditional Castilian rambling house. The goal was to preserve and enhance the character of the unique building: an old house from the XVII c. in a medieval town in the heart of Spain, Pedraza. A warm and sober interior with a classical feeling overall for this boutique hotel, Casa Taberna.

At Foundation Beyeler 

In the late Baroque Berower Villa, Casa Muñoz has intervented the Foundation Beyeler restaurant after winning a private contest. The proposal was to preserve and enhance the traditional design of the villa by introducing some elements inherited in the history of the Foundation.



An apartment for a lady in Gstaad 

Introducing new elements into the cozy style of the mountains, this project was the initial seed for “Casa Gstaad ” new showroom and design office.


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